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Posted 29 Apr 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
I just turned on Cosmo again to try again.

First task already got download error and it looks like I am not alone ...

Come on guys ... this is the class of project that is my main interest...


sigh ...

Looks like the second task did download, estimated time to completion is 19 hours?

Well, let us see if it is worth my time ...
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Posted 21 Apr 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Like the loss of participants SaH has finally noticed, "fair pay" seems to be a tough concept for most projects. With the problems in the project overpayment is comensation for problems of this year. Telling me that you plan to underpay the new guys because you overpaid me in the past is faulty logic.

And, the over payments of the past have already been eaten up by the underpayments of the present. When I am filing claims from 200-500 (as noted), payment should be over that. I don't have access to the database but a simple query can tell you what the average claim has been and you can go from there.

Like others, I am sitting on the side lines at the moment feeling cheated. Perhaps what you are doing *IS* fair, perhaps not... hard to tell when the history disappears ... what I do know is the last 40-50 tasks have run for very long times with some running normal times. If the tasks are laden with such variance perhaps flat rates are no longer appropriate.

On the other hand, ABC uses a sliding scale to handle just this situation.

Seriously guys, the psychology is that if I claim 200 any you pay me 199 I got cheated. The fact that the credit system sucks is the projects fault because none of you guys stood up and demanded that Dr. Anderson FIX IT ... now you reap what you did not sew ... weeds ... rocks and approbation ... hate and discontent ...
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Posted 20 Apr 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Since the start of the defugulty I have seen very long run times to the point where I have few systems attached and running work for the project. I want to do the science, but, the only recognition I get is the pay in cobblestones ... SO ... (Side note, were the world the way I want, LHC, MW, Cosmology would be my top projects)...

The tasks in *MY* task list are running claims up to 500 CS from the recent work though the later and faster systems seem to be lower (I don't know why). What I do know is that the 140 is way too low, 200 is certainly not high enough to entice me back for a large commitment.

Perhaps you should call Eric at SaH and talk to him about the "magical" figure it out tool he has ... though I do prefer the flat rates on beta projects to cover for the inevitable errors, that is another alternative.

If you do go with a flat rate, something in the range of 400-450 is about right for the current tasks as I have seen them these last couple months.

Fundamentally as a participant, if you are paying me less than I claim, and I am not cheating, well, sorry the psychology is that you are cheating me ... I have tried to make this point, but developers don't seem to get the idea that participants are actually people and react as people do ... mostly irrationally ...
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Posted 18 Apr 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
The problem is that if they build a new executable they need a new signing key if I understand the security system of BOINC correctly. And there is the nub. if the binary got corrupted and does not match the keys ... well ... whole new ball game...

The problem is that it is difficult to get from here to there and if you have not lived through one of these messes as a systems guy it is easy to assume how easy it is to get everything squared away.

As far as back-ups go... I made a religion out of making back ups in the old days and every time I tried to use one of the back-ups that had been so carefully made (with validation turned on), I could not recover much of anything at all off the tapes.
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Posted 7 Jan 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Same downloading issue here:


All have been cancelled due to too many error results, all are CAMB 2.15.

Any suggestions?

I wonder if they are running into a disk space problem and the file does not get created.
6) Forums : General Topics : Why do you participate in Cosmology@Home? Who is the \"most surprising\" participant? (Message 7757)
Posted 29 Dec 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Well, because it is a BOINC project ... :)

As one can see from my signature I have, and do participate in many projects. I prefer production quality projects and so my participation is mainly based on the level of the project and my interest. SO ...

In that I prefer Physics type projects over the biology \"stuff\" (I was going to use another word but remembered my manners), this project like Einstein and Milkyway attract my interest. As someone else said below the pure math projects don\'t trip my trigger well, especially since they seem uninterested in really explaining what they are attempting to do and why it might be important (a very common problem with *MANY* projects).

Other reasons, fairly short tasks, that means that I don\'t lose too much on a failure (nothing worse than pumping 200+ hours into a task and getting a no-validate, or lose it because of a crash ... the whole point of the trickle system was to prevent this kind of thing, but I digress) ...

So, the main reason I am here ... the type of project ...

supporting reasons, reasonably short tasks and decent credit (yes, it is worthless, but it is the only way I have to show that I am contributing to the advancement of science)...
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Posted 19 Sep 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Damn Shame as im interested in the science not the credit........

Well, I have gotten LHC work ... so, life is not all bad.

QMC, Spinhenge, and Milkyway also have been providing plenty of work too ... oh well ...

I have been working on slightly over 50 projects as they allow ...

Sadly, many can\'t seem to keep their acts in order (and this is sadly one of them) heck, ReiselSeive has been off-line since July 13 ... I still have work done in my lists ... Tanpaku also has been off-line too ...
8) Forums : Technical Support : No Work: (There was work but it was commited to other platforms) (Message 7283)
Posted 15 Sep 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Just to clarify, my resource share is set to 100 which means 6.5%, 6.7%, and 7.4% (all numbers are actually low in that I have NNT on each machine for several projects and some projects in the mixes are not {or rarely} issuing work; Ex: pPot, Virtual Prairie, LHC).

I run up to 30 projects per machine, shares 100, 50, 25, 10 with most projects getting 10 and 25 share (~1-2%)

All 3 machines have 4 cores or 4 VM executing. (one 8 core Power Mac but CaH does not run there so it is not relevant) All machines running XP Pro with SP3 ...

The messages I was getting were the HR class, work avail for everyone but your machine ...

In the past I did not have this situation. Most of the time I had plenty of Cosmology work with intermittent outages of one sort of another.

At the moment I am getting \"test\" tasks, but I cannot see a single \"regular\" task on any of the the three machines running.

I don\'t know exactly when this problem started, but it is reasonably recent as a rather permanent situation. I mean, in the past it happened off and on, but now, it seems rather constant.

In that this is one of my \"priority\" projects it is mildly distressing.

I am not complaining, merely reporting. If the project is not interested in solving the problem I am getting plenty of work from the other 60 projects running. Cosmology\'s loss, not mine.

Anyway ...

{Edit}Note: QMC is share 50 on those same machines. Do the math if you look at my sig, Cosmology should be RAC 500 or more{/edit}
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Posted 14 Sep 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Yes I have gotten a couple. But, my share is high and all the machines I am running are pretty fast and USED to get 4-5 a day ... I don\'t know what changed, or why, but it is sad one cannot get more work ... especially when there seems to be plenty of work to do ...

I wonder what the issue rate and \"in flight\" count is ...
10) Forums : Technical Support : No Work: (There was work but it was commited to other platforms) (Message 7257)
Posted 13 Sep 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
It has been weeks for me ... no work ...

I sure wish they would fix the cursed servers ...
11) Forums : Technical Support : Server Status Page full of errors, Pages Load slowly (Message 5989)
Posted 21 Apr 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
EIther the web server is overloaded, or the database is ... that would account for the slow loading of pages ...

The other is a coding error on the status page code ...