1) Forums : News : Recent outage explanation (Message 22569)
Posted 25 Jun 2020 by FurryGuy
A suggestion on outages, planned or unexpected......

If at all possible temporarily replace the website main index page to a page that indicates the project is down. Other BOINC projects do this so the users know the techs know something is wrong and are fixing the problem.
2) Forums : News : Recent outage explanation (Message 22265)
Posted 27 Sep 2019 by FurryGuy
This "recent outage" explanation is a year old now, yet there have been several extended outages without any notification.

Doing "behind the scenes" maintenance is one thing, but when the entire Cosmology@home website and the BOINC servers are unfindable by internet domain name servers then the outages are a major problem. Both from a science standpoint as well as a public relations issue.

A couple of hours totally dark on at then internet is understandable. Frustrating, but understandable.

But days without any followup explanation is really unprofessional.

I freely volunteer my computers to perform what I see as a worthy scientific endeavor. Informing users when there are problems with the project is just simple courtesy.

I am seriously debating on deleting Cosmology@home as an active project if the unexplained extended outages keep happening.
3) Forums : Technical Support : Stuck uploads - out of disk space (Message 22104)
Posted 1 Mar 2019 by FurryGuy
I am not getting "out of disk" space errors. The old infamous "transient upload error" is slamming me into the digital brick wall.
4) Forums : Wish list : camb_boinc2docker needs user selectable number of CPU cores (Message 21611)
Posted 20 Dec 2017 by FurryGuy
Please see 'How can I limit the number of CPUs used?' in the FAQ section.

That doesn't address the issue, really.

Cosmology@Home needs to make it an EASY TO USE configuration setting in their preference section, not a computer hack that many people won't use because of the complexity of the file editing.
5) Forums : Wish list : camb_boinc2docker needs user selectable number of CPU cores (Message 21608)
Posted 19 Dec 2017 by FurryGuy
A user should have the ability to tell camb_boinc2docker how many cores it can use, using all four cores over-taxes my computers.

I don't want to restrict what applications Cosmology@Home can run, just lessen the burden on my computers I volunteer your applications can use.

LHC@Home has that preference, Cosmology@Home should as well.