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Posted 12 Nov 2011 by Profile Robert Maher
I am an older individual. Would like to see some form of certificate such as seti@home etc so I can put it on my wall to impress my grandkids and greatgrandkids ;).
also can you develop solme form of scrensaver, once again such as seti@home, this would make it more interesting whereby we cold see what our computer is doing. Both of these wojuld be good for positive reinforcement.
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Posted 7 Jul 2011 by Profile Robert Maher
As a new member wanting to make a contribution I would like to see a screen saver. I note this thread was started in 2009 has there been any action on the front yet?

I am an archaeologist and teacher but have a deep interest in things universe. It would help people who are not professionals in t his field to maintain and spread interest.

Robert [maher@archaeologist.com]

and have an ujncomplicated day.