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Posted 15 Sep 2020 by BulletMagnetEd
9/11/2020 9:41:59 AM | Cosmology@Home | [error] Error reported by file upload server: Server is out of disk space

I just got that error.
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Posted 2 May 2020 by BulletMagnetEd
I restrict the number of vbox instances by creating an app_config.xml file in the project data folder.
Located at C:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\www.cosmologyathome.org\ on my Windows client.

The contents of the file:

  • Only the application named camb_boinc2docker is restricted by this app_config.xml file, the camb_legasy application will continue to operate according to the normal BOINC computing preferences.
  • I have also restricted the number of concurrent CPU instances used by the camb_boinc2docker application (<avg_ncpus>3</avg_ncpus>). This reduces the performance impact of the application when BOINC tasks are allowed to run "Always", i chose to allocate half the number of CPUs that are available to BOINC.
  • Optimal settings will vary depending on the specification and usage of your computer system.

I dropped my CPUs down to "4", and that finally fixed it for me. It kind of sucks to have a 3900X and have to restrict the CPUs to "4" though. Thanks!