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Posted 23 Oct 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
I think generally I don't completely understand the experience people are having with the camb_boinc2docker app who also run other projects concurrently, since I myself am testing only with C@H. Maybe some of you could explain a bit more how you would like things to run vs. how they do run?

This is no use at all - you must add several other BOINC projects to see the effect.
Some suggestions are:
    * Restrict the number of active CPU cores per host, defaulting to (maybe) one half, configurable on the pref page
    * Work with the VBOX Wrapper authors to set the CPU Priorities to "lower than default".

Without it this project wipes out most other uses of the computer on which it is running.

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Posted 20 Aug 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
We aint seen you 'round BurgerWorld, lately?
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Posted 11 Aug 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
This message board software isn't exactly what we need, and we aren't quite set up to do this elsewhere on cosmologyathome.org (yet), so for the moment it's posted on my personal website.

Okay, lets mend the message board, after all its been broken for 10 years.

    1 Why does Ben only ever post "its all wonderful" every 2 years when clearly it isnt.
    2 The server has been Broken from start. If for any reason a BOINC job isn't completed, it is unlikely to be re-run. This means that Millions of jobs are logged as "null result" - has this wrecked your science? We'd like to know.
    3 Blog stuff about how many people use Windows XP and in which continent they do it in isn't really the answer.
    4 Why haven't you actually run a BOINC job yourself for over a month? This doesn't show a lot of commitment.

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Posted 11 Aug 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic

    lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
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Posted 7 Jul 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic

    lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
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Posted 4 Jul 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
Hi -
Thank you for your message.

I agree that we have been lacking in our communication activities.

Yes this ia the biggest problem this project has had from its launch.
Your volunteers feel let down and isolated when there is no feedback.
Could you not devote a couple hours per month to reading the message boards and making some honest replies?
You can tell us as it is - dont just keep posting "we're updating it, we got Wonderful New Stuff Coming, its all teriffic" which is all we've heard for seven years now.
The good news is that we are taking active steps to improve the project at the moment [...]
- migration of c@h to a new, more stable, and more robust server,
- upgrade to the latest BOINC version,
- some infrastructure changes that will allow us to push new code versions much more efficiently.

These changes will set us up for launching new cosmology applications (beyond the current CAMB).

Yes see you told us this almost two YEARS ago in your last-but-one message.
More updates to follow.

In 2017, perhaps?
Let me thank you for your patience and for your continued involvement in C@H.

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Posted 28 Mar 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
A yearly update is asking too much.

This project has to be so low on Ben Wandelt's list that it's too much of a bother to really even explain what we're really doing.

No site updates. No news updates. The WUs keep coming, but...Yeah, not sure I am not just wasting my time. Given how little BW cares about this work, wonder if the data will even be parsed.

Interestingly, the domain was created and registered for seven years, but the University only renewed it for twelve months:

Domain ID: D148862867-LROR
Creation Date: 2007-08-13T19:09:40Z
Updated Date: 2014-08-18T19:09:37Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2015-08-13T19:09:40Z

We shall see in six months if anyone has even remembered to renew it.
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Posted 17 Mar 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
There are people actually conttributing to this project that believe their work is doing something useful...
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Posted 17 Mar 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
Anybody even reads this. Anybody knows any contac detail to any kind of "administrator" of this project?

Nobody reads this.
10) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT PROBLEMS THREAD (2009 and after) (Message 20215)
Posted 17 Mar 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
The assimilator is down again.

Hmm, not an Urgent Problem, been here since the project started.
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Posted 5 Mar 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
Easy to do, hire somebody!
12) Forums : Technical Support : Marked as invalid (Message 20208)
Posted 2 Mar 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
as you can see below, the wu's have slightly different numbers and may even be the same unit. However my colleague (ID 182538 finished his on February 24th and I received my wu on the same day. I finished my wu on February 28th (well within the time limit).

For some odd reason my result was "marked invalid".

Can somebody please explain this to me.


This project is crap.
13) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT PROBLEMS THREAD (2009 and after) (Message 20205)
Posted 14 Feb 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
I see that the assimilator was turned back on, but it has failed again. There are 102,190 work units waiting for assimilation as of this writing.

Makes you wonder where the half million jobs went; did someone save them or just delete the queue when restarting the process?
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Posted 7 Feb 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic

15) Forums : General Topics : This project is alive and well - Planck - BICEP2 (Message 20197)
Posted 2 Feb 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
There is no reason to be disappointed any longer.

The project is not dying, and there are a lot of information here :


I understand your frustration concerning the lack of reactivity when you post about a specific problem, and I am sure the people in charge of the project will find a solution (and developp new apps or optimised apps I hope ;) )

Wow! Really?
16) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home in 2015 ? (Message 20196)
Posted 2 Feb 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
I ran this project from the start.
Wow, two new cosmology projects - C@H and Milkyway@H. Hmm, one's roaring away, and the other has a lot of work done but no support of any sort.

Okay so, we've done millions of job runs, I personally would like to know if they are going to be used for anything (or even if they still exist!) There's a huge pile of completed jobs waiting in the assimilator, I only assume that the BOINC server code has run out of space to put them anywhere.

Okay so far Professor Ben told us he cant spend much time talking to us because (a) he is teaching, (b) he had an accident and broke a limb, and (c) he has gone to France but not told anyone.

So, do we soldier on? Or will the plug get pulled, like that awful Predictor@home?

[edit] Sorry but YES, I was a contributor but I became so pissed off with it all a few years ago that I changed my account to random_numbers@random.com and the password similarly [/edit]
17) Forums : General Topics : The Cosmology@Home FAQ (A personal view) (Message 20191)
Posted 23 Jan 2015 by Profile C@H Sceptic
Q) So what is this project all about?
A) It runs CAMB, a program to emuate a Big Bang. and see what happens as a result.

Q) So how does it work?
A) Well we choose some input parameters and feed them into the calculation, then compare the output with what is observed.

Q) How do we choose the starting conditions, then? Do we use a Monte Carlo method, a Directed Search or what?
A) Who knows. Nobody has ever explained.

Q) There is a load of problems with Download Errors, whats with all that?
A) Aah yes. If a job doesnt terminate correctly. maybe it times out or it is aborted, then it does not get added correctly back into the queue (because for some reason nobody has investigated why) and for that reason it gets scrapped.

Q) So is this important?
A) Who knows! Because nobody knows how the work is carried out, maybe a Null Result for those input parameters is recorded as a significant result.

Q) Why do I have so much trouble running this project?
A) Well CAMB was not designed to run in the BOINC envionment at all, and has not been modified in amy way to to be BOINC-Friendly. So it has any number of problems with checkpointing, memory use etc.

Q) whats all this **** about 420credits/job?
A) Nobody knows. Once upon a time the project used the standard BOINC credit system, but there was a lot of argument. Some Twit decided at one time that all participants be awarded a fixed number of credits "compensation" (whatever that means!).

Q) Why is the website so broken?
A) Aah. It used to have a white background, and was Broken. Then they got someone in to "Fix It", who changed the background to Black and broke it some more.

Q) So whats this about the "assimilator problem"?
A) The Boinc server system has a number of processes. The "Assimilator" collects up results from the clients (the volunteer users) and post-processes them (in the simplest case, just posting your results into a database). If the Assimilator isnt working, it means your jobs cant go anywhere.

Q) So whats that mean to us?
A) Well theres over half a million jobs (click to see) you have worked on that are "sat around" because nobody can be bothered to do anything with them.

Q) So who is supposed to be in charge?
) Well, there is Professor Ben, but he hasn't been seen here for 2 years.

Q) Who is "Falk" then, who seems to know what is happening?
A) Nobody Knows. Perhas he would like to explain some answers tis post.