1) Forums : Technical Support : No Credit Granted (Message 6945)
Posted 7 Aug 2008 by Profile Crunch3r

I agree & have no problem with the Credits here, like I said in another Post it\'s their Project & their my Computers & we can each do what we please with them ... :)

LOL... let me guess... your RAC here will experience a rapid nosedive :P

2) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home credit discussion (Message 6809)
Posted 29 Jul 2008 by Profile Crunch3r
I wonder how long it will be before some of the BOINC Projects tell Dr. A where he can shove the BOINC Platform & go the DC Route ... ???

They don\'t have to go the DC Route .... it\'s quite simple.
How will they force the projects to update the server software ? They can\'t.

Second thing is a bit harder though... make the participants aware/realize that there\'s no need to upgrade to boinc 6.2.x...

S@H can have it\'s thing and will die peacefully along with arecibos shutdown.
Problem solved.
3) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home credit discussion (Message 6807)
Posted 29 Jul 2008 by Profile Crunch3r

SETI@home has been granting about 15% more credit per cpu second than comparable projects. Other projects have threatened to increase their own credit multipliers to compensate.

Wasn\'t that the other way around ? DA threatened other projects to manipulate stats ;)

4) Forums : Announcements : Test site for new design (Message 6348)
Posted 18 Jun 2008 by Profile Crunch3r
Please report any bugs you might find and give feedback about the look of the site.

It\'s deeply, deeply ugly. Looks nearly as bad as RCN and Suduko. Black websites are for trendy media companies, not for serious science projects.

I\'m looking at a skinny third of a screen (widescreen monitor), populated with salmon pink and white. I feel like it\'s 20 years ago when these visual \'treats\' were supposed to be \'clever\'. Difficult to read too.

I\'m not surprised that your designer left. I guess he/she didn\'t want to be associated with this crock.

Well, you *did* ask ...


I totaly agree with Al. This looks like as if a 10 year old kid did that design with ms word or something like it... and i thought the previous design/layout was the worse i\'ve ever seen... well :-(