1) Forums : General Topics : WUs Cancelled by server and pending results (Message 3686)
Posted 29 Oct 2007 by Profile [B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba
Here are a few of mine that completed, but were granted 0 credit. Result still shows validate state "initial" but status is not pending and quorum was met. Could you look into it? Thanks.

result wu
1389404 595907
1385923 604281
1379016 604278
2) Forums : Technical Support : can't attach shared memory (Message 1061)
Posted 16 Jul 2007 by Profile [B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba
Still can't upload completed results.

Now getting this error, although server status shows everything operational.

7/16/2007 10:35:01 AM|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user
7/16/2007 10:35:01 AM|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 676 seconds of new work, and reporting 25 completed tasks
7/16/2007 10:35:06 AM|Cosmology@Home|Scheduler RPC succeeded
7/16/2007 10:35:06 AM|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: Project is temporarily shut down for maintenance
7/16/2007 10:35:06 AM|Cosmology@Home|Deferring communication for 1 hr 0 min 0 sec
7/16/2007 10:35:06 AM|Cosmology@Home|Reason: project is down
3) Forums : General Topics : Credits to Scott (our admin here) (Message 664)
Posted 2 Jul 2007 by Profile [B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba
Count me in! Keep up the good work Scott!
4) Forums : Technical Support : Longer WUs (Message 415)
Posted 26 Jun 2007 by Profile [B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba
Just quickly eyeballing my results, I think the time has gone up on the order of 50% on average.
5) Forums : General Topics : Requirements (Message 237)
Posted 18 Jun 2007 by Profile [B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba
Quite some time ago I found a problem running 2 antivirus programs simultaneously. Dropping one seemed to solve it. I have two xp2500 boxes with Symantec AV, spybot, ad-aware, and spyware blaster on board and don't seem to have any issues with slow downs.
6) Forums : General Topics : Deja Vu all over again. (Message 111)
Posted 10 Jun 2007 by Profile [B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba
Hi, gang. Glad to see all the familiar faces.