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Posted 14 Oct 2021 by Ardis
I'm having the same issue on Win10Home. It seems like every Cosmology@home WU stops, produces the "VM job unmanageable" message, and then some time later (a day or two) starts up again and completes normally. I think all of the WUs have eventually completed successfully. So, an issue, apparently, but not fatal.
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Posted 21 May 2020 by Ardis
No luck. Set C@H to 1 task, 1 core, suspended everything else. Twice. C@H task stopped both times at about 6:30 with the same error message: "Postponed: Communication with VM Hypervisor failed."
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Posted 15 May 2020 by Ardis
Well, it started again. There are currently 18 tasks, partially completed, with the message: "Postponed: Communication with VM Hyperviser failed." The last time this happened, a VM update fixed it. VM is still up to date (6.1.6) and running, but C@H doesn't like it. Don't know why.
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Posted 30 Apr 2020 by Ardis
Hi Jonathan,

All four CPUs can run VM tasks. Several other projects are installed, but Rosetta@Home and World Community Grid are the only other ones that are doing anything right now.

C@H seemed to be running fine until lately. I'd see several 7+ minute tasks in the queue, they would all run overnight, and then there would be an uptick in the statistics.

I took a look at VM. I updated to 6.1.6, and now the status of those 41 tasks is "waiting to run." and completion has been reset to 0%. In fact, one of them is running right now. They are, however, all overdue. Should I abort them, or reset the project, or just wait for it to sort itself out?

Edit: on further inspection (or they might have changed since I first looked) four of the tasks are still suspended. These four were due 4/12. The others waiting to run were due 4/14.
5) Forums : Technical Support : Postponed (Message 22484)
Posted 30 Apr 2020 by Ardis
In my task list there are currently 41 partially completed (and overdue) camb_boinc2docker 2.05 tasks that all say "Postponed: Communication with VM Hyperviser failed." Suggestions?