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This year The BOINC Workshop was held online 3 Wednesdays in April and was comprised of three sessions.
The first showcased projects that are using BOINC, highlighting the role of citizen participation in advancing scientific research.
The second is a forum for BOINC projects to discuss the technology, their accomplishments in the past year, and technical needs moving forward.
The third is an open-ended community discussion and a BOINC project setup tutorial.
The sessions were recorded and the very informative videos are available here:
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The web pages have returned. The feeder isn't running yet, but upload, download and scheduler are up and running!
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A lot of kids get bad grades in school simply because the work isn't challenging enough.(Strange but true)
Not strange at all. I was in a grade 8 class in school with a genius. Not only did he often receive poor marks, but he eventually dropped out!
I was stunned. Until I realized that boredom is a killer. Now I see homeless on the streets and know that some of these folks are actually very intelligent. To this day I look to see if it might find my friend John there. I wonder if many suicides are committed by very intelligent, but bored humans. After I 1st quit smoking it came to me that I smoked out of boredom. Yep, boredom is a killer.
Okay, let me try to bring this thread back on track with a couple other books I would recommend.

  • The Matter Myth by Paul Davies and John Gribbon.
  • The Hour of Our Delight by Hubert Reeves.

Both of these are slightly outdated but well worth the read.

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Martin Beltov wrote:
Recently Hawking and his daughter wrote a children's book explaining A brief history of time to the younger readers.
The book's name is George's secret key to the universe

Thanks! I wasn't aware of this. It might help me out (seriously).
A Brief History of Time holds the record for me as the hardest read ever. No speed reading possible.
I had to read it 3 times consecutivly and still I know much went way over my head. Even on 1st read I had to go over many parts several times to understand. His explanation of 1/2 spin particles comes to mind. But after I finally understood, I became almost dizzy with joy! A lot of the book was like that for me.
Later I purchased The Illustrated A Brief History of Time and it remains the only book I purchased 2 different versions of.
Now it seems to me it'll be the only book I might want 3 versions of.
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With version 1.16 on Win98 I see Outcome: Success, but Validate state: Invalid

result 97318