1) Forums : Technical Support : The February Fiasco (Message 10259)
Posted 22 Feb 2012 by tgm
Now that the servers are back on line it seems that those who are lucky enough to have their systems report back their respective results to the server FIRST will receive credit, any others that report back the same WU are being invalidated. Or so goes the examples associated with my machines.

As for me... All of my machines have been set NOT to receive new work until such time that some sort of report is forwarded to the masses (us) regarding what went wrong, why, and what is being done to prevent a reoccurrance.
2) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT PROBLEMS THREAD (2009 and after) (Message 10112)
Posted 14 Feb 2012 by tgm
How do I kindly suggest that there may be some project management issues associated with the care and feeding of the servers used to support this project. The indications we have seen suggest that there is no disk space left. This should have been predicted long before now and we should not be the people noticing it first. But this may not be the actual issue. The fact that nobody knows what is really the underlying cause more than 10 days after the crash certainly goes beyond the term 'problematic'. My guess is that someone may believe that the loss of time, data, etc. may be relatively inconsequential. But that someone should also consider the number of people with their computing resources could go away as quickly as they came and extend the reprocessing time to finish even further. I doubt that the management of this system crash will be enthusiastically viewed by the listed sponsors of the endeavor either (JPL, NSF, and NASA).