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Posted 28 Mar 2010 by Profile RaduB.*
Come and join the real deal. ;-)

Why join us? ;-) Its obvious. The name itself shows the Way. We are on our
way UP ..and we are the Star Team in Boinc. ;-)

The main goal is to see as much smiles in this team as we see credit...and
it seems to work pretty well! ;-) Currently in the top #100 in Seti, and #22
in Boinc! ;-)
How is that for shooting to the Stars? ;-)

A team is about creating a network, somewhere to be valued for who you are.
Become a member of our team, and be a part of our Astra Family. To crunch is
fun, not by looking at your computer whilst it works, but by sharing the joy with your team-mates.

It`s that Simple.

Still - a team goes no way without working for it - Thats why
this team is where it is. Dedicated members, long-time-working, and stability. ;-)

No matter how many teams that will pop up, calling themselves
something more or less similar - and saying the same things -
it can never become This Team.
But its surely a compliment.. ;-)

Join us on our way to the stars! - No regrets! ;-))

Sicituradastra. Boinc stats.

You can also join us in many other Projects. ;-)