1) Forums : Technical Support : Partial Upload Fails With HTTP Transient Error (Message 21190)
Posted 11 Oct 2016 by Nick Name
Task passed the deadline and remained stuck - aborted.
2) Forums : Technical Support : Partial Upload Fails With HTTP Transient Error (Message 21187)
Posted 5 Oct 2016 by Nick Name
I have a job which has completed and partially uploaded but will not finish. This may be related to a hard system reset (not related to Cosmology); it's possible this task was trying to upload at the time.


The manager shows upload progress of 88.385%, but it won't finish. BOINC will periodically try to complete the transfer, and the percentage will drop down but it always gets stuck at 88.385%. I've returned other tasks since this one, so it's a specific problem with this work unit. The log gives the transient HTTP error mentioned in the title. The problem persists after a system restart. Can anything be done to get this to upload or should I abort and move on?
3) Forums : Technical Support : Computational error on boinc2docker jobs (Message 20990)
Posted 4 Apr 2016 by Nick Name
One of my failed jobs:

The system tried to delete the substitution of a drive that is not substituted.
(0x89) - exit code 137 (0x89)

2016-04-04 09:28:57 (12004): Guest Log: Out of memory: Kill process 927 (camb) score 604 or sacrifice child
2016-04-04 09:28:57 (12004): Guest Log: Killed process 927 (camb) total-vm:839836kB, anon-rss:531328kB, file-

The substitution message is new, it was not in any of my valid job logs.
4) Forums : News : Server temporarily degraded (Message 20980)
Posted 1 Apr 2016 by Nick Name
No problems getting or returning work, but the Log Out button seems to have gone missing again.
5) Forums : Technical Support : How long does it take? (Message 20369)
Posted 20 Oct 2015 by Nick Name
Looks normal to me. Jobs run from around four hours on the low end to 21 or more on the high end, with most falling in the eight-twelve hour range on my Win7 machine. It's been like that for the (almost) six years I've been crunching, as best I can recall. And, I rarely suspend BOINC while the machine is on, it's almost always running.