1) Forums : Technical Support : 100\'s Of WU\'s Expired Before Upload/Reporting (Message 6572)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Profile Megacruncher
Yup it\'s slooooow but fairly steady on the upload front tonight. I think I might have everything sent by tomorrow!
2) Forums : Technical Support : Work units now returning (Message 6524)
Posted 14 Jul 2008 by Profile Megacruncher
These are particularly issue rich times, even by Cosmology standards!
Be patient and avoid those reset and detach buttons. It\'ll all be sorted out eventually.
3) Forums : Technical Support : No work for platform (Message 6275)
Posted 1 Jun 2008 by Profile Megacruncher
No work for me on windows or Linux. :(
4) Forums : General Topics : Poll: Do you think you're getting enough credits? (Message 2148)
Posted 21 Aug 2007 by Profile Megacruncher
A reset from 60 to 50 per WU seemed fair enough. BUT it seems to have coincided with the average WU taking much longer than before. So for my Q6600 the points per hour per cpu have dropped from about 35 (excellent) to 20 (mediocre). Anybody else noticed this?
5) Forums : General Topics : Poll: Do you think you're getting enough credits? (Message 1974)
Posted 12 Aug 2007 by Profile Megacruncher
As far as I can see the only project more generous with the credits than C@H is QMC. But I prefer the science of C@H and anyway going for the most generous project around feels like cheating. So I'll stick with the second most generous. ;-)

It is strange how things come and go though. Not that long ago Einstein was one of the most generous of projects. Then it became one of the meanest to the extent that I stopped running it for the sake of my team's standing as well as my own. Now, from Saenger's data, which I'm sure is correct, it's relatively generous. Rather than all this trial & error and constant moving of goal posts, you'd think that there would be some generally agreed objective way of measuring the amount of work involved in processing a work-unit?
6) Forums : Technical Support : Error on longer WU (Message 1391)
Posted 22 Jul 2007 by Profile Megacruncher
It's an alpha project. Such errors may happend during this stage. If you can't afford the loose of credit because of bugs, or everything else, just wait it's become a beta project.


Hear hear! If you don't like Alpha type setbacks then stay away from Alpha projects!

As far as loss of credits goes I'm finding that even with 2/3rd of my work for this project counting for nothing that, because of the generous credits for anything that does get through, my overall credit is on a par with CPDN and other such well established projects.