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Posted 20 Aug 2010 by David Glogau*
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Posted 21 May 2010 by David Glogau*
Anybody even reads this. Anybody knows any contac detail to any kind of "administrator" of this project?

The bad news is: There is no administrator, who can do what you want. This project runs as close to automatic as possible.

The servers are maintained by computer lab staff so will run as long as the code stands up.

Ben, who is in charge of the project, is not a programmer so he can't look into "lost" accounts etc.

The sad fact is, no one deleted these accounts, it will be some sort of a glitch. Until the project can employ a new Admin, we will continue to run on automatic pilot. I guess if everyone stopped crunching, then something would happen to fix this problem.

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Posted 20 May 2010 by David Glogau*
I can't load my pic either.

The problem is, this project is running on autopilot until it gets a new administrator. So if you know someone who wants to do lots of work for $14 per hour tell them to apply for the position.

Until then. . . . . we wait. . . and wait . . .. . . .. Oh look, I did a million credits while I am waiting for the new employee. LOL, doesn't time fly?

/sarconal alert!

I can't create a profile or update my community prefs.

I wish someone would fix it............

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Posted 20 May 2010 by David Glogau*
Hi darkpella
I get this from time to time. I generally finish the work queue, do an update to get my credit on the finished WU's, and, then reset the project.

Happy crunching.

since today I cant' download any single task.

BOINC messages transcript of one such download errors follows.



27/04/2010 18.16.08 Cosmology@Home Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.
27/04/2010 18.16.08 Cosmology@Home Requesting new tasks for CPU
27/04/2010 18.16.13 Cosmology@Home Scheduler request completed: got 1 new tasks
27/04/2010 18.16.15 Cosmology@Home Started download of params_041110_190328_3.ini
27/04/2010 18.16.16 Cosmology@Home Giving up on download of params_041110_190328_3.ini: file not found

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Posted 9 Jan 2010 by David Glogau*
Welcome james

Happy Crunching
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Posted 29 Dec 2009 by David Glogau*
I posted to this thread about a week ago, but it isn't here. I wonder if Ben even cares?

I don't think Ben has anything to do with your message not being here...
And believe me, he does care a lot!

I think he cares about the science. If you need constant, or any really, handholding, this project is not for you.

Having said that, if you read this Ben, Brian Silvers does a sterling job answering queries on this board, so perhaps you could make him a moderator?

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Posted 15 Nov 2009 by David Glogau*
I haven't gotten anything for a few days -- and have about a dozen units sitting in limbo waiting to be validated.
Shifting everything over to WCG until (if) this gets sorted out - frustrating.

I got about 90 in limbo, and am now running all cores on CPDN until sorted.
Relax, things will work out OK.


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Posted 10 Nov 2009 by David Glogau*
Well the title says it all,
as of 10-11-09 15:58 GMT for me here in uk.
looks like we have run out of work,
and the transitioner is down,
and who knows who may be there to fix it.

edit - Dose anyone know where the `panic` button is,
if so give it a good hard thump . . . .

Well, looks like both of my systems will be taking an indefinite break, as Milkyway went down today as well... I wonder how long it will take to correct the problem here though....

Hi Brian

Yep me too. Seti is playing rough as well, sooo, out of four projects CPDN is the only one still chugging away without problems.
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Posted 10 Nov 2009 by David Glogau*
For the first time in a long time, there are completed workunits with pending credits. Right now, I have two of them waiting.

I also noticed that the number of available workunits for download is getting very low. Unless this is corrected soon, this will run dry.

I also have 38 WU's pending.

I note the transitioner is down with a backlog of 20 hours at present. Presumably it will get fixed today or CPDN will be very happy.