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Posted 29 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Don't you just love alpha projects whare we have to watch for that?

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Posted 29 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
What is new (or should say fixed) in 1.25?

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Posted 29 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray

You forgot checking the forums in the middle of the night to make sure a new app version wasn't released while your eyes were closed.

What, get up in the night?

When you are a member of ATA you never get to sleep.

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Posted 28 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Thought I's say Howdy! It's my first time as an Alpha-Tester.

Run! Get out while you still can. You should see the rest of us after a few projects. Red eyes, shaking hands holding a plastic cup of coffee. Full ashtrays spilling over on the desk, into the keyboard and on the floor. Stacks of empty pizza boxes. And then there are the nights. Waking up crying ten times a night, after yet another nightmare about a work unit that crashed. It's no life... it's no life...

Kidding. Welcome to the ATA crew.

Except for the pizza boxes, I'm already there!

Thanks for the nice welcome!

Pizza boxes? Do we need tham or just the pizza?
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Posted 27 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Counting how many ice cubes we can collect for a fellow cruncher in Korea whare it is real hot.

You can help collect the ice cubes by posting this counter at other threads.


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Posted 22 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
It is good to be running aginst your self like that. Sort of makes the saying "Blame it on Misfit" meaningless.
It is easy to do what you did, been there done that.
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Posted 22 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Scott, are you saying that anything with a Date & Time of 7-20-07 20:00 Hr's & after is 1 of the good Wu's ... ???

Before he said at 8 PM CST (yes standard not daylight savings) that would be UTC -6 or unit 072007_180000_0

But I have credit for these two before that:

Would be less confussing if the times in the names were in UTC.
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Posted 22 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
What's up with this one?
Crunched successfully but getting 0 Credit granted because other Clients detached or aborted. :(


You have to wait for Scott on that one.

You may have a problem with this one and This one also.
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Just a quick comment for those with slower machines - It might be a good idea to go into your General Preferences and change your work cache to .1 days.

That way you won't be flooded with what BOINC thinks are the old short work units when they are really the new several hour long units. This would only be neccessary if you are crunching multiple projects. That way you won't miss any deadlines on other projects because of the extra time taken.

BOINC will sort it out over the first few hours of new WU's.

Looks like the time was adjusted on them at the server so we don't get a lot of units.
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
I was a working Stiff Mike for 41 yr's, but I've been Retired for the last 2 years now, I also own and support the Pc's that I have thanks to a very understanding Wife ... :)

Retiremant is one of the best things if you can do it early, I retired at age 55.
Still work on my web site, the income from that pays for my bad habbit of eating out 1 or 2 times a day and the power for the computers. Still some left over to replace this old P4 2.4. Won't replace it, will put this in another room to crunch when I get a new one.

Wife did not like this at first till she learned that some of the programs are working on finding cures for things that she had, too many medical problems to list. She has our fastest desktop running 24/7 and likes not haveing to boot up when she wants to do something. She has very little in extra software which is why I have her using the fastest.
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
I have some WU's crated after 8:00PM finished with error.
Example: http://cosmos.astro.uiuc.edu/cosmohome/workunit.php?wuid=313225
Today is saturday, but I hope Scott is working on it.

Did you remember that was Indiana time, not UTC. For UTC that would have been 1:00 AM today (21 July).

Many are boing reissued till they error out or get aborted 4 times so you still may get some of those. I am getting some of both and aborting the old ones, most of them are hitting the 4th time so they will not get sent out again.

With your farm you may want to run this on only one quad till the old one hit the 4 errors or abortions. That would leave you only one system to check for a day or so. Than change all the others back to Cosmology.
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
I have 2 completed, just a little over 3 hours on a P4 2.4Ghz. Had quite a few from before 8PM that had already errord out on other systems to abort before running these. Have not tested out the checkpointing.
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Mike that is a of systems, just keep adding to it when you can.

In the D DAY CELL you have nothing for us Marines. ***LOL***
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
I got the bent pins fixed today and put the CPU back in tonight. Holding a nice and cool 52 C with ABC and RCN running together. Everything seems faster now on the system, will have to see how the WU's do. Now do I dare run Cosmology on that one again? Sure I will after making sure it stays cool with other things.
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Scott could you please give us a creation time of the good units as I just d/l a bunch created 1933utc jul 20th 3-4 hours b4 you posted the cxl of wu's and the fix. Thanks

All of the bad WUs were created from 1-7 PM today. Anything from 8 PM after is OK.

Thank you for the info, will abort the ones before 8 PM and get new ones.
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Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray

Not a wedding just yet; tomorrow is a wedding shower. Today, I've been buying presents, getting fitted for a tux, etc.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on the credit situation.

Make it 300 credits and you will get thousands of people wanting to help.

60 is more than enoughf for most of us, more than makes out for errored out units.
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Posted 20 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray

The majority of the boards that would run the HT socket 478 Northwood (which was somewhat of a rarity) will also run the P4 Prescotts if I'm not mistaken. The MB specs are usually written somewhat bass-ackwards. I have on that says it will run a P4 Prescott or a P4 Northwood 533 only. If you read that wrong you think you can't run a 3.0 GHz P4 Prescott (which is what I have in the board now). The P4 Prescotts can be had for $60-$80 "new".

That depends on the bois on the board. Most bios's for the P4 HT would run the 533 or the 800 FSB, a few like mine only the 533 FSB. It will run the Prescotts as long as they have the 533 FSB like the celeron and non HT P4's. Actually for half the projects the celeron ran faster than the P4's (slower on others due to only a 256K L2). But only one at a time so even the moble P4 running at 1.8 with HT and a 1 meg L2 gets more work done and about 35% more credits. If I could run a Prescott 3.0 HT I would have one in there.

If you are going to get a new board make sure that it will run everythig that is new out there even if you do not plan on useing some features. That will make upgrades easier in the future. At the end of the Mo. Intel will be releasing new Core 2 Duo's with a 1333 FSB. If you are getting a 1066 Core 2 Duo be sure that the board will also run the 1333 for future upgrades.

Same would go for AMD, you can get some good deals on board and CPU combinations with the socket 939, it would be better to let them go by and get a socket AM2 board.
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Posted 20 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
More about the CPU that seems to have gone.

The board that was on is a socket 478 and only supports the 400 and 533 FSB. There was only one P4 with HT made that can run on that board, the Northwood 3.06. That is a very hard CPU to find and usually sells for more than they are worth due to not to many of them being around. I have seen them going for over $200 US at Ebay, way to much for that espically whit only a 512K L2.

The one that I have I got used for only $20 US, the seller said that he has had problems with it and I could return it if it did not work. I used it for 3 Mo. so I really can't return it now. The last owner got it used also, so it could have been way overclocked at one time in the past. It was not my system that caused the overheating, probabbly somethig wrong with the CPU.

When taking the heatsink off I did not realize that the CPU was comming out with it, the lock on the socket usually holds them. With a tight space and not knowing the cpu was attached I bent two pins. They are easy to strighten if they don't brake. These old hands of mine are not steady enoughf for doing that so I will take it out and see if a shop will do that. The other P4 that I put in is running nice and cool, no problems but a lot slower.

I won't get another CPU for that old board, if I do anything I will get a new board whare I have a wide choice of CPU's. I have been holding off on that as Intel has announced that the prices of the quads will have a BIG drop in a coupple weeks when they bring out there new CPU's. The Q6600 (2.4 GHz) should go down to about $260 US. When that happens I think that the Core 2 Duo's should drop also but nothing was said about that.

So if you are thining of getting one of the quads just hold off a little more and see what happens with the price.

Also as said in the last post you can not have to much cooling, besides the three additional case fans I also have one on the hard drive and heatsinks on the memory chips. The way the memory heatsinks are made it looks like they would not do anything but they did lower the temp by about 3 degrees C.

Anything that you do to help keep parts of the system cooler will pay off in the long run even if not pushing them hard as we do with BOINC. The only thing that they can not stop is making old things look fast compaired to the newer things that they are comming out with. I can make things in that system last longer but it is still just a 533 FSB Socket 478 P4 system. (origionally a Celeron D @ 2.93)
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Posted 20 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray
Who said that they did not have extra fans?
I have a 120 MM in the frunt of each case, and 2 60 MM fans moving air out.

That is a good thing to mention for the newer people here.
20) Forums : Technical Support : Host Limit @ 25 Now ... !!! (Message 1178)
Posted 20 Jul 2007 by Profile [B@H] Ray

Mine are number 3 above. Would love to have PoorBoy's farm of quads.

... and I'd like to have the power of mike047 farm.. :)

I would also, 187.76Ghz. But he has them hidden so we can't see what makes up that 187.76Ghz. On an Alpha project the systems should not be hidden.

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