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Posted 21 Feb 2013 by Profile MSE29
server connection failed

what happened?
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Posted 18 Feb 2012 by Profile MSE29
Planck looks through the dust of microwacve with an interesting part about CO, not CO2 ;)

In german:

Planck blickt durch den Mikrowellenschleier

3) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : Planck Educational and "Pure Fun" Projects (Message 9625)
Posted 31 Oct 2011 by Profile MSE29
Much thanks for the educational links!

It's right that the measurements had ended in 2010, the programm SolarSys shows it?

Videos & blog from Lloyd Knox are simply fantastic. It's like Brian Greene with "The Elegant Universe"!
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Posted 12 Aug 2011 by Profile MSE29
That's the reason why you don't get any data ;)
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Posted 22 Oct 2009 by Profile MSE29
After installing version 6.6.38 there is a boinc client problem. To solve, you must install 6.4.7 and then 6.6.38. I've had the same problem, now BOINC is running ok.

local host disconnect
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Posted 9 Oct 2009 by Profile MSE29
Congratulations on your birth son!

I'm glad you're back.
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Posted 9 Oct 2009 by Profile MSE29
First promising results from Planck mision.

Preliminary results from the Planck First Light Survey, performed to demonstrate the stability of the instruments and the ability to calibrate them over long periods, indicate that the data quality is excellent. This bodes well for the full sky survey that has just begun.
8) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT PROBLEMS THREAD (2009 and after) (Message 8369)
Posted 26 May 2009 by Profile MSE29
Do you really think this is a buffer overflow and ends with a bluescreen?
This happened since a few weeks mostly everyday.

camp 2.16 use a lot of ram
use boinc 6.4.5
It's only a problem with vista, not xp.
9) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : Question on Sun tracking (Message 7786)
Posted 11 Jan 2009 by Profile MSE29
Take a look on this site:

In my opinion it could have an effect on climate.

The Maya calendar ends at time as sun passes milkyway equator. I think it isn\'t randomness.

10) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : Talk at Ringberg Castle, near Tegernsee, Germany (Message 7500)
Posted 21 Oct 2008 by Profile MSE29
Hello Ben!

You mean:
ringberg-castle ;)
In German it is: Schloss Ringberg.

Is this the place where the conference were hold?
11) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 2.14 (Message 6721)
Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile MSE29
Good job guys!

But why I can\'t get newest CAMB version? Last 5 days I\'ve tried every day to get WU\'s.

23.07.2008 21:54:58|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 68176 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
23.07.2008 21:55:03|Cosmology@Home|Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks
23.07.2008 21:55:03|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: No work sent

Results ready to send 4,815

Server Status OK.

In sheer desperation I\'m running Einstein@home now.
But first I will help this project!
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Posted 27 May 2008 by Profile MSE29
Yesterday I\'ve passed 500,000 cobblestones on Cosmology.
First project with half milion cobblestones.
So let\'s all crunch C@h to end.
13) Forums : Technical Support : Work flow (Message 6051)
Posted 6 May 2008 by Profile MSE29
No wonder. You\'ve only linux Pc\'s.
Most of us have windows as os. For win-platforms there is not enough work to crunch.
Or at least many workunits had operating errors.
14) Forums : General Topics : Milestones (Message 4448)
Posted 11 Jan 2008 by Profile MSE29
Today we have passed 12 TeraFlops.
With less than 4,000 participants it is eighth most active boinc project.

15) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : Who explain to me the inflationary phase of the expansion ? (Message 4375)
Posted 30 Dec 2007 by Profile MSE29
Alan Guth war derjenige der die Inflationstheorie erfand/ entdeckte.

Hier sind ein paar Links:
16) Forums : General Topics : Happy Holidays! (Message 4337)
Posted 25 Dec 2007 by Profile MSE29
I wish all of you merry christmas and a happy new year!

I\'m curious what next year will bring to this project.

With best regards
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Posted 24 Dec 2007 by Profile MSE29
Yesterday I\'ve passed 100,000.
That\'s great.

Merry Christmas!

With best regards
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Posted 5 Dec 2007 by Profile MSE29
Today we passed 7.547 TeraFLOPS!
It\'s fantastic!
19) Forums : General Topics : Milestones (Message 4043)
Posted 22 Nov 2007 by Profile MSE29
This project is really good!

Today we have reached 5.495 TeraFLOPS.
That\'s 5 times more than LHC@home.
20) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home Wikipedia page? (Message 3937)
Posted 18 Nov 2007 by Profile MSE29
Is anyone take a long view to expand the wikipedia article in other languages?

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