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Posted 13 days ago by Profile Dingo
Yes, badges!

Still waiting for Badges only been eight years since I first asked.
2) Forums : General Topics : Can Cosmology@home run on Macintosh OS X 10.4.11 ? (Message 22896)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Dingo
The application page says "Intel 64-bit Mac OS 10.5 or later"
3) Forums : Technical Support : Uploads Stopped - Out of Disk Space (Message 22688)
Posted 12 Nov 2020 by Profile Dingo
Still can't return work.... Anyone home..
4) Forums : Wish list : Badges (Message 21315)
Posted 14 Feb 2017 by Profile Dingo
No badges Yet ? I first asked in June 2013 I think there has been enough time. It only takes a bit of interest from the admins to get it working. You can always ask some of the other projects that currently do have badges for assistance. http://signature.statseb.fr/ for help.

Hope to see them soon.
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Posted 11 Jun 2013 by Profile Dingo
I hink if you add Badges to your project you will get more volunteers to process your work. It is only human nature to want to see something that shows you are contributing.
6) Forums : General Topics : What's the status of the project? (Message 8524)
Posted 16 Aug 2009 by Profile Dingo
So is the project dead ???
7) Forums : General Topics : Team Recruitment Thread (Message 6974)
Posted 10 Aug 2008 by Profile Dingo
All Australians and anyone who is interested, is invited to join a team involved in all BOINC projects, become part of the Aussie Alliance and compete with the largest national teams.

BOINC@AUSTRALIA has a great member retention and participation rate, better than most other teams. Please pop in and find out why.

We\'re here for the science but enjoy the fun. We have a team web site, active forum, team camaraderie and best of all great team members. If you\'re interested please click on the link in my signature.

* We\'re ranked 11th out of 76,047 world teams for combined BOINC projects.
* We\'re the #1 Aussie team, with more than 400 Million credits - That\'s a lot of science!
* The team is active in most current BOINC projects.
* We\'re still growing and looking for more members in any BOINC project.
* Your existing BBC Climate credits come with you.
* Future credits from all projects will help build a powerful Aussie Alliance.
* BOINC@AUSTRALIA has over 2,000 members.

Together, we\'ll not only be the top Australian team, but in the top 10 of the world.

We are open to new suggestions, new members and new science. Come and look us over - You can check out our web site by clicking on the team logo below and also have a look around our forum.

Once you are a member of the Team join the Forum using the same name and email address so that I can confirm you are a member of the Team. You have no idea how many spam registrations I get in a week...

8) Forums : General Topics : Why do you participate in Cosmology@Home? Who is the \"most surprising\" participant? (Message 6754)
Posted 25 Jul 2008 by Profile Dingo
I crunch in the hope that I am helping humanity in some way. I regularly crunch a wide variety of projects.

I am the founder of BOINC@AUSTRALIA and I am very proud to be the founder and a member of such a great Team.

I also like people to visit my WEB CAM in Canada.
9) Forums : Technical Support : Upload/Download Server Problems (Message 4677)
Posted 24 Jan 2008 by Profile Dingo

Don\'t waste your time uploading anything from before the upgrade...in my opinion...all I get are errors from the old and experimenting with the new before I just let er rip.

So are you saying that I should detach and re attach and loose the days work ??

Does this not say that it will fix itself tomorrow ??


10) Forums : Technical Support : Upload/Download Server Problems (Message 4673)
Posted 24 Jan 2008 by Profile Dingo
Looks like my XP pc\'s have reported OK and have credit http://cosmologyathome.org//results.php?hostid=778

None of my Linux PC\'s (10 of them) have reported and are still getting the Incomplete request error. I have set it to no more work but I wasn\'t getting any anyway but when they upload I will detach and re attach.

If I just sit and wait will this sort itself out ??

11) Forums : Technical Support : Upload/Download Server Problems (Message 4602)
Posted 24 Jan 2008 by Profile Dingo
My work has all uploaded but when it tries to report it now gets an error.

1/23/2008 7:34:17 PM|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 1 completed tasks
1/23/2008 7:34:22 PM|Cosmology@Home|Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks
1/23/2008 7:34:22 PM|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: Incomplete request received.
1/23/2008 7:34:22 PM|Cosmology@Home|New host venue:
12) Forums : General Topics : Happy Holidays! (Message 4400)
Posted 4 Jan 2008 by Profile Dingo
I am late but I would like to wish the community a Happy New Year and I hope they had a wonderful Holiday