1) Forums : Technical Support : Problems with BOINC calculation (Message 12444)
Posted 8 Feb 2013 by Profile Ray Murray
Welcome Andrey,
If you switch your machine off, it will go back to the last checkpoint which, as Cameron says below, can be quite a time between them, so if your machine is only on for an hour, it may not get to the next checkpoint so the next time you switch it on, it would have to do that same hour again.

It may be that the Leave applications in memory while suspended option hasn't been set (I don't know what the default is) so when your machine is running Milkyway any work done after the previous checkpoint here is lost and has to be done again and similarly when it switches back.

In your account page here, go to Preferences, When and how BOINC uses your computer.
Scroll down and click Edit preferences then scroll back up to the option Leave applications in memory while suspended Tick the box.
Scroll back to the bottom of the page and click Update preferences

Back to your Boinc Manager - In Simple View (I prefer Advanced) - with Cosmology as the highlighted task, select Project Commands, Update.
Now while your machine is doing Milkyway, any partly done Cosmo task is held in memory and can restart again when it switches back, without any loss of work.

Hope that helps you.
2) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : In our own back yard (Message 4316)
Posted 22 Dec 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
1 in 75 chance of an asteroid hitting Mars on Jan 30 \'08.

Nasa article and The Times\' version, and a podcast and transcript from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Wonder if this might prompt some more funding towards NEO research as they only spotted this one in late November. Personally I\'d like a little more warning if something is headed this way. :shock:
3) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 2.02 (Message 3716)
Posted 30 Oct 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
Just noticed that this result that I reported a short time ago has claimed 2,026 credits. Obviously this is wrong and with fixed credits here it doesn't matter, but might be worth further investigation? We'll see what the wingman laurenu2 claims. Other results are making expected claims, just that one way out.
4) Forums : Technical Support : IMPORTANT - Testing for Stand-Alone CAMB Application Soon (Message 3711)
Posted 30 Oct 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
I had the same reset to start after a benchmark as Kathryn above (below?), losing just over 3 hours work on a wu that was 60% or more through. (Only running Cosmo and LHC today and it had been swapping between the projects quite happily until I reached the daily quota over there and ran out of work.)

30/10/2007 18:22:11|Cosmology@Home|Starting wu_103007_060356_3_1
30/10/2007 18:22:11|Cosmology@Home|[task_debug] task_state=EXECUTING for wu_103007_060356_3_1 from start
30/10/2007 18:22:11|Cosmology@Home|Starting task wu_103007_060356_3_1 using camb version 202
30/10/2007 21:34:05||Running CPU benchmarks
30/10/2007 21:34:05||Suspending computation - running CPU benchmarks
30/10/2007 21:34:05|Cosmology@Home|[task_debug] task_state=SUSPENDED for wu_103007_060356_3_1 from suspend
30/10/2007 21:34:36||Benchmark results:
30/10/2007 21:34:36|| Number of CPUs: 1
30/10/2007 21:34:36|| 2133 floating point MIPS (Whetstone) per CPU
30/10/2007 21:34:36|| 184168 integer MIPS (Dhrystone) per CPU
30/10/2007 21:34:37||Resuming computation
30/10/2007 21:34:37|Cosmology@Home|[task_debug] task_state=EXECUTING for wu_103007_060356_3_1 from unsuspend
30/10/2007 21:37:37||Restarting wu_103007_060356_3_1 - message timeout
30/10/2007 21:37:37|Cosmology@Home|[task_debug] task_state=UNINITIALIZED for wu_103007_060356_3_1 from kill_task
30/10/2007 21:37:38|Cosmology@Home|[task_debug] task_state=EXECUTING for wu_103007_060356_3_1 from start
30/10/2007 21:37:38|Cosmology@Home|Restarting task wu_103007_060356_3_1 using camb version 202

Wu restarted and is running ok. Haven't seen the message timeout or kill task messages before.

Running on windows xp
5) Forums : Wish list : Accidentally lost a WU (Message 1635)
Posted 28 Jul 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
Totally my fault. Closing down some unneccessary tasks and accidentally stopped this wu . It didn't take kindly to that and showed up as computer error and looking in client_state showed the catch-all -161. Thinking that I might be able to trick it into restarting, I deleted all these error lines but it then couldn't find other bits and dissappeared completely, so I can't even abort it now, so Acmefrog will have to wait for it to timeout and then be be reissued, sorry.
Anyway, this prompted an item more for a Boinc wishlist rather than just here, but those better connected than me could maybe pass on the suggestion.

Currently the command options for a running wu are:
Show graphics
How about adding:
Restart just for idiots like me who break a wu partway through so that the wu will begin again with its initial parameters intact as if it had just been downloaded. Obviously there would then need to be a safeguard "confirm restart" message so that nobody would accidentally restart a 4 month old CPDN model, for example, but restarting shorter wus such as these after a user error wouldn't result in much repeated work and might save some time in projects not having to reissue work.
Just a suggestion. Any thoughts?

Update 10 minutes later:
Did an update to see if it would report the wu as lost and back came the reply;
28/07/2007 21:13:58|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: Resent lost result wu_072407_053211_0_0 and then it redownloaded the neccessary files again so I can crunch it uninterupted overnight and I'll not interfere with it this time.
6) Forums : Technical Support : Error on longer WU (Message 1436)
Posted 23 Jul 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
wu_072007_141031_0 should be a duff one so has been aborted twice but ran ok for me.
Similarly wu_072007_141439_1 and wu_072007_151845_0 while Payo72 and myself both completedwu_072007_151029_0 successfully and got credit for it, so not all of the wus from that batch will fail. Ok, I've had my share of ones that went over limit, but I've just let them all run, just in case. Isn't the joy of Alpha in the roulette? Where's that ATA signup?

Surprisingly wu_072107_160010_0 has been cancelled even although it is a new, supposedly fixed one.
7) Forums : Announcements : Longer WUs (Message 1382)
Posted 22 Jul 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
From this post from Scott, the checkpoints are internal and aren't through Boinc so the wus will run to completion (or failure) before Boinc will switch to another project.
8) Forums : Technical Support : Error on longer WU (Message 1334)
Posted 21 Jul 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
Here's my three from the longer ones:
645421 that finished fine in 104 minutes.
645915 also finished fine in 3 hours 12 minutes, but both of these were aborted by the other cruncher.
645911 exceeded limit after 3 hours and 3 minutes.

25Gb available. Isn't Alpha fun?
9) Forums : Technical Support : Comments on Fixed Credit System (Message 995)
Posted 14 Jul 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
I was claiming around 5ish for the 1.19s but the new 1.21 on Windows are claiming 2.5 - 2.8 with a short one claiming only 1.26.
I generally expect 9.5 - 10 credits/hour from this machine for other projects so to keep the credits comparable I would be with tutta55 in the 2.5 - 2.75 zone although if longer WUs are on the way then maybe 3. There's a fine balancing act of not short-changing your crunchers of credit where it is due and over inflating credit to where it becomes incomparable with other projects. Tread carefully lest you lose some.
Is it possible to allocate credit according to the version? eg. 6 for any 1.19s still out there, and 3 for 1.21s? or is the system not that clever? Sorry, I'm not too clever myself at this time of night.
10) Forums : Technical Support : no new work (Message 892)
Posted 9 Jul 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
I'm guessing that over the weekend our machines don't have that nasty work stuff to do and can therefore devote more time to Boincing, so we've crunched more WUs than Scott had planned for. He seems to be back in the office now as I've just picked up 6 WUs.
11) Forums : Technical Support : WU download problem (Message 841)
Posted 5 Jul 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
Not so much a download "problem", but not something I've seen before;

05/07/2007 15:42:31|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 1399 seconds of new work, and reporting 4 completed tasks
Downloads a wu.
05/07/2007 15:42:46|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work
05/07/2007 15:42:46|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 1370 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.
05/07/2007 15:43:02|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 1190 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.
05/07/2007 15:43:17|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 1010 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.
05/07/2007 15:43:33|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 831 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.
05/07/2007 15:43:48|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work
05/07/2007 15:43:48|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 651 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.
05/07/2007 15:44:04|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work
05/07/2007 15:44:04|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 471 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.
05/07/2007 15:44:19|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 291 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.
05/07/2007 15:44:35|Cosmology@Home|Requesting 111 seconds of new work
Downloads another wu.

I'm sure it's a BOINC thing rather than project-related. Just wondering if anyone else has found this new "feature" possibly specific to 5.10.7. It did the lock-up overnight that others have reported, (killing all the Boinc-related processes didn't help either. Only a reboot sorted it.)
I'm therefore probably going back to 5.8.16 the next time I take a backup when my Seasonal trickles.
12) Forums : General Topics : Deja Vu all over again. (Message 551)
Posted 28 Jun 2007 by Profile Ray Murray
Hi all,
I feel that I know most of you already having read your pearls of wisdom on other projects.
With LHC looking like having new work soon, we'll be able to attack the Universe (multiverse?) from all sides until it gives up all its secrets.

"There is a theory that states: "If anyone finds out what the universe is for it will disappear and be replaced by something more bizarrely inexplicable."
There is another theory that states: "This has already happened." "(Douglas Adams 1952-2001)