1) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 0.00 (Message 9483)
Posted 3 Sep 2011 by uBronan
Your pretty right about this project more dead then alive
The last change was 4 years ago and since that it runs fully on auto pilot
So no support or help nor any changes
There is no system administrator or any active forum admin
So for me its just without any use whatsoever.
Even the short posts from plack did not convince me its usefull to keep running on this project
Its like we are working on a non existing science job.
Nothing gets done nor giving information if something usefull has been achieved.
Without any news about progress in any way its a DEAD project.
2) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT PROBLEMS THREAD (2009 and after) (Message 9480)
Posted 23 Aug 2011 by uBronan
saenger i must agree with you the person who setup this server did a good job making it extreme reliable but thats at this moment still the only good thing.
As of today i have not seen any other activity other then the lady from planck.
Thats why this project is since it started for me a very low priority project and to be honest i fear we are creating useless data.
Cause i really do not think anyone is looking at the data being done by us.
And ofcourse the long term problems never got any attention, including the weird removal of your account