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Posted 4 Jan 2016 by MindCrime
Any follow up on this?

I believe the project now requires more than the typical new to boinc or casual boinc user has, or has enabled.

I watched Marius' talk on Docker. He breezes over how Vbox can be had with BOINC, while many crunchers don't even have virtualization capable machines, also those with it disabled in BIOS. Also many people don't choose the vbox download as it greatly increases the download/install size. Theirs only about 4 active projects that use it directly.

That being said, if you give people a reason to look past this small hurdle of making sure vbox works on their machine/platform you could remove the CreditNew system and bring far more users, hosts, science to this project.

In the end their are the lots of dedicated crunchers that will crunch no matter the credit, it's just a question if anyone wants to do it. Like Marius said in his talk many times, He's a physicist not a programmer, so if anyone could set things in motion for the alternative we'd all appreciate.

For reference my last ~15 valid (all consecutive) WUs which were using 3threads set via app_config.xml (as i write this I'm running 4 threads per to compare). The credit given for the last 15 WUs ranges from 34-45 credit. Run time averages around 900 seconds, and cpu time around ~2400sec

This means that a machine running a 3 threaded version of this app would generate about 1422 credit per day. If thread usage is directly proportional to the credit produced, you're looking at sub 500 credit per day per core. That's about as bad as it gets compared to anything other than NCI projects.

BTW i really enjoyed the talk Marius gave at DockerCON, and I appreciate the project sharing it, keep it coming.