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Message 20191 - Posted: 23 Jan 2015, 21:02:25 UTC

Q) So what is this project all about?
A) It runs CAMB, a program to emuate a Big Bang. and see what happens as a result.

Q) So how does it work?
A) Well we choose some input parameters and feed them into the calculation, then compare the output with what is observed.

Q) How do we choose the starting conditions, then? Do we use a Monte Carlo method, a Directed Search or what?
A) Who knows. Nobody has ever explained.

Q) There is a load of problems with Download Errors, whats with all that?
A) Aah yes. If a job doesnt terminate correctly. maybe it times out or it is aborted, then it does not get added correctly back into the queue (because for some reason nobody has investigated why) and for that reason it gets scrapped.

Q) So is this important?
A) Who knows! Because nobody knows how the work is carried out, maybe a Null Result for those input parameters is recorded as a significant result.

Q) Why do I have so much trouble running this project?
A) Well CAMB was not designed to run in the BOINC envionment at all, and has not been modified in amy way to to be BOINC-Friendly. So it has any number of problems with checkpointing, memory use etc.

Q) whats all this **** about 420credits/job?
A) Nobody knows. Once upon a time the project used the standard BOINC credit system, but there was a lot of argument. Some Twit decided at one time that all participants be awarded a fixed number of credits "compensation" (whatever that means!).

Q) Why is the website so broken?
A) Aah. It used to have a white background, and was Broken. Then they got someone in to "Fix It", who changed the background to Black and broke it some more.

Q) So whats this about the "assimilator problem"?
A) The Boinc server system has a number of processes. The "Assimilator" collects up results from the clients (the volunteer users) and post-processes them (in the simplest case, just posting your results into a database). If the Assimilator isnt working, it means your jobs cant go anywhere.

Q) So whats that mean to us?
A) Well theres over half a million jobs (click to see) you have worked on that are "sat around" because nobody can be bothered to do anything with them.

Q) So who is supposed to be in charge?
) Well, there is Professor Ben, but he hasn't been seen here for 2 years.

Q) Who is "Falk" then, who seems to know what is happening?
A) Nobody Knows. Perhas he would like to explain some answers tis post.
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Message 20192 - Posted: 25 Jan 2015, 2:23:07 UTC - in response to Message 20191.  

420 credits means this project is being run by stoners
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Message 20194 - Posted: 30 Jan 2015, 8:19:35 UTC

Faik was an employee. He doesn't work here anymore.

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