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compartment AB (compartment is a scandinavian webhosting company since 1996. Since 99 we've been using selected unused cpu cycles for SETI. Not until 2009 did we figure out that we should spare some cycles on cosmo aswell. However now we are :-)

We mainly run boinc on *BSD/Unix & Linux, sometimes emulating windows since boinc's support on some flavors of stable operating system isn't that good (yet). Boinc and cosmology is an excellent extra load or "tool" to add when benchmarking or testing through, stressing etc. One funny thing we noticed many years ago when testing systems for ([url=]) is that when running boinc under windows (any version) on one server and on another identical server running another, stable operating system (for example linux/GNU) and then *emulating* windows ("on top of it") the emulated windows if much much (alot, typically 2-4 times) faster than "the real thing"... Interesting we thought and made a lot of tests. Still today we do this every now and then and since we have many servers with the same hardware that needs to be tested before put in production we still see the differences are the same (the same differences so to speak ;-)....

If you run windows and want to test something new that is easy and increases your ability to crunch faster and better, try any linux or unix. If you are unfamiliar try PC-BSD (a nice userfriendly desktop Unix) or Ubuntu Linux or Fedora Linux (they run on basically any hardware and are easy to use). Even without tweaking anything at all you will probably immediately see that you have doubled your effectiveness at crunching (and no negative effects such as hardware beeing stressed more than before etc). You can also forget about worrying about viruses!

Well this ended up as a switch to Linux/Unix commercial hehe. Not our intention. However is is nice that boinc and cosmology@home exists.

1. Why not? It is easily available, we can "benefit" from it and use it as a stress test etc to load systems, benchmark etc. Most of all is is interesting to learn more about space, time etc.

2. Not much. Good. Keep it up.

3. You (ie boinc) definately needs to get some working better ports for NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris. It is a very hard time to install the client on several systems that we run. If it would work we would probably run boinc on double or triple the number of systems as we do today. The only way to run it on some systems is to emulate another os such as windows under wine or virtualbox etc. This is bad and uneffective. If boinc was included in the ports tree (and worked) for any i386 or X86_64 Cpu's this would be great. That is our only suggestion. Everyghing else works fine as it is. :-)
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