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Jure Srsen ("I work as a C++ programer on WIndows. My interests include: * Ruby/Rails programming *...")
Jure Repinc (JLP) ("A computer science student from...")
CarSheil ("2 Philip Arguelles may be the name Good to be called with and I totally dig that phone....")
TanishaB72gy ("Hi and welcome. My name is Lonny. Carrying out aerobics is the thing I really like most....")
Damian_Lawyer ("[img][/img]Sony VAIO VPCW221AX/Z 10.1 Inch Netbook...")
PBKChandra12 ("[img][/img]Hardware Technician...")
WalkerTroutm ("[url=]Financial...")
FeliciaWant9 ("We are living in an e world where everything is dependent on technology. Today everything...")

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