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PavolR ("\"Dve veci naplnaj├║ mysel vzdy novym a vzrastajucim obdivom a uctou, cim castejsie a...") ("I am from Slovakia, Middle Europe. [img][/img]")
rottenkiwi ("My hobbies are math, physics, astronomy, also playing on piano and organ music.")
marpes ("I am from Bratislava in Slovakia, member of BOINC.SK team. I am computing projects from...")
Lacko-Michalovce ("Hello, my name is Laco. I come from...")
Slavo Faber ("Count for better life ...")
Predcis ("My name is Lubo a zaujima ma astrofyzika, kozmologia, astronomia a podobne "uchylnosti" ...")
branjo ("#Winelover. Passionate golfer. Fiery smoker. Books and movies lover. Actively using...")
TimPlante ("Kamagra Brings Back Abated Pride - Health and Diet Articles ED or Erectile Dysfunction...")

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