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NeoGen ("I'm a software developer from Portugal, with a great passion for Distributed Computing. I'm...")
nunyx ("Member of Portugal@home team....")
Ricardo Ferreira ("[img][/img]")
Van Fanel ("I'm just an alien trying to find a decent place to live with my fellow humans. By the...")
Luis Castel Branco ("Luis Caldeira Castel Btanco, Iam an Amateur Radio Operator since 1957 under de callsighn...")
camucha ("Rua Joo das Regras 4 2 dt 2790...")
Duke of Buckingham [Black Sheep] ("Portuguese 54 years old and a cruncher for fun.")
AishaHannam ("I'm Aisha and I live with my husband and our two children in Inglewhite, in the south...")
ShawnaUmk370 ("My name is Shawna (40 years old) and my hobbies are Videophilia (Home theater) and...")
TeriFairweat ("I'm Teri and I live in Halwill Junction. I'm interested in Physical, Surfing and Hindi...")

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