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Sorairo ("Um, I\'m some dude from New Zealand in a kind of tecchy job. I just got my 2nd Dan in...")
Skiwi ("Hi, I am from sunny Central Otago in New Zealand....")
Patrick Harnett* ("Did boinc for ten years reasonably seriously until reaching 1B, but mainly for fun. I have...")
Magical Path ("My Core2Duo E6600 is mostly sitting idle, so thought I'd contribute again. I liked the idea...") ("TBA")
SYSAde ("Have web design Dublin from swiftweb in few minutes. A fresh mobo shopping habits are...")
MadTCS ("I'm Madonna and I live in a seaside city in northern Great Britain, Ryhill. I'm 25 and...")
Mac2132 ("They call me Ervin Region of Columbia happens to be his existing area and he will never...")
Zelma69X1756 ("or commerce, regard the claim is high than that of your someone intent increase. You...")
YouVCLI ("In this modern age, individuals are much worried about their prognosis. Vogue comes with a...")

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