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[B^S] Gamma^Ray ("Just a cruncher, Happy member of BOINC Synergy also !")
os2five ("[color=darkblue][size=12][b]Hi there! Live long and prosper![/b][/size][/color]")
Fuzzy Hollynoodles ("Hi, I'm Bouncer Jupiter and I'm a cat. My human, Fuzzy, calls me Bouncer, because I bounce...")
[B^S] BOINC-SG ("Momo, Tiger and Me (Shai Hulud aka Steffen) are great fans of BOINC. We like to support as...")
Martix ("Hi, guys! I'm from Catalonia, and interested in exobiology. Cynics said that it was the...")
gravitysmith ("My interests are varied, and I have always enjoyed being a...")
Kalessin ("[img][/img]")
[B^S] HenryHunter ("Im Heiner. Living in a small town in Lower Saxony. Age GT 60 Started with SETI@Home +...")
[AF>EDLS]domidonix ("Hey! je m'appèle Domi, jai 17 ans. J'aime l'informatiqe et la bonne musique. J'ai...")
David Saum ("I am a physicist from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I live near Washington, DC at...")

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