1) Forums : News : Server upgrade planned for Dec 19 (Message 22017)
Posted 19 Dec 2018 by Profile Marius
Hi everyone, we're upgrading the server to a new machine on Dec 19. Expect intermittent outages which could last as long as 24 hours. No action is needed from users during the upgrade. More workunits will be on the way shortly thereafter. Thanks!
2) Forums : General Topics : Dutch Power Cows disappeared? (Message 21999)
Posted 15 Nov 2018 by Profile Marius
Hi guys,

What happened was that the user who hijacked the team put in a request to transfer ownership, then the time period in which the owner can decline this expired, at which point the team was transferred. This user has done to several teams and renamed them to INTERNACION (most notably perhaps, this happened to the Gridcoin team) and has been warned / banned, but of course banning is imperfect.

I've reinstated RobertN as the owner as per email communication with him. I'm going to look into changing the policy for team ownership transfer, it is too easy to abuse I think.
3) Forums : News : Preparation for a server upgrade (Message 21998)
Posted 15 Nov 2018 by Profile Marius
Dear users,

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be moving the Cosmology@Home server to a newer machine. No action is needed from you, and we hope to do so with minimal down time. This will solve lots of the work generation and validation problems the site has had over the last several months. It will also set us up to debut some new science applications which we have been working on and thinking about.

For now, we are letting the work queue get emptied out. Once that is done (it already is for camb_legacy), we will move forward and keep you updated.

Thanks for your continued support!
4) Forums : News : Recent outage explanation (Message 21940)
Posted 24 Sep 2018 by Profile Marius
Really? I lost thousands in credit...wasted CPU and power. We should have been notified so we could have switched to other projects in the interim.

I do really apologize for this. During working on this I was hopeful we were not going to lose anything, although in the end we obviously did. In the future, I'll make sure to alert users earlier if there's any worry of losing work, so they can pause workunits (although hopefully this will never be the case, after the changes we've put in place).

Marius, how is everything running? The server status page doesn't show many work units in waiting to be sent and the transitioner backlog seems to be growing to almost ten hours now.

The workload is definitely reduced, otherwise the server is getting overloaded. One of the changes we made was switching to a more reliable database driver, but which is slightly slower, which is one of the things you're seeing. We're actually in the process of upgrading hardware so things should improve in the next several weeks.
5) Forums : General Topics : Cross-Project stats page broken. :( (Message 21934)
Posted 20 Sep 2018 by Profile Marius
Fyi, this is fixed now.
6) Forums : News : Recent outage explanation (Message 21925)
Posted 11 Sep 2018 by Profile Marius
Note that work generation will likely struggle to keep up with the demand over the next several hours as everyone's computers are requesting work. This may cause you to receive a message that C@H has no available workunits, which should be temporary.
7) Forums : News : Recent outage explanation (Message 21924)
Posted 11 Sep 2018 by Profile Marius
Hi all,

Over the last week we suffered a database corruption due to some disk errors. I've spent the last several days recovering the database from backups and from the corrupted files. Unfortunately, records of workunits from the last several weeks were lost, which means you will not receive credit for any of these jobs. I greatly apologize for this, and we've taken steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. The good news is that this was the only thing which could not be recovered, everything else is fine.

We're continuing to monitor things as the server comes back online, please report any problems you may find here.

8) Forums : General Topics : Cross-Project stats page broken. :( (Message 21918)
Posted 27 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
Will take a look, thanks for catching that.
9) Forums : Technical Support : Vbox not working here (Message 21900)
Posted 13 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
Thanks for that heroic undertaking, and sorry its still not working. I'm not sure I understand why. I've just marked your computer as having extensions enabled by hand on the server, maybe that will force you to get a VM job and the whole thing will get reset, I'm not sure. Let me know if you notice any changes in what's happening.
10) Forums : Technical Support : Vbox not working here (Message 21896)
Posted 12 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
Thing is, on my BOINC no matter if I remove that and save the file and rename the old file something else, BOINC rewrites <p_vm_extensions_disabled>

So still stuck with legacy tasks. It's almost like VM app is not communicating with BOINC but yet BOINC knows it is there. 8/12/2018 11:10:44 AM | | VirtualBox version: 5.2.16

This looks like your machine:

It states: "CPU does not have hardware virtualization support".

You probably just need to enable it in your motherboard BIOS.

The C@H website will still say this because the underlying problem is that he *has* enabled it but it is not recognized by BOINC (hence receiving no workunits). Once the you get your local client to recognize extensions enabled, this will propagate to the C@H server and you'll then start receiving workunits.
11) Forums : Technical Support : Vbox not working here (Message 21891)
Posted 12 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
The work generation is back after a temporary stoppage. Were you able to get the p_vm_extensions_disabled thing to stop appearing? Another thing you might try there is to also delete everything in the slots/ directory before restarting the BOINC client. In any case, apologies for that bug, I know its extremely annoying and we definitely need to fix it. Unfortunately, despite knowing about it for a while we haven't had the manpower to do it. Its high on my priority list though.
12) Forums : News : camb_legacy tasks temporarily suspended (Message 21882)
Posted 10 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
I see two of your computers do not have have hardware virtualization support, which means they won't be able to receive camb_boinc2docker workunits. You have one which does have support but you need to enable it. Afterwards, you may also need to perform the steps here.
13) Forums : Technical Support : No tasks (Message 21879)
Posted 10 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
Fixed now, sorry for the temporary hiccup.
14) Forums : News : All tasks functioning normally (Message 21878)
Posted 10 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
If you're interested in the details, the camb_legacy problem was fixed here: https://github.com/BOINC/boinc/pull/2616

The server upgrades were based on updating to use boinc-server-docker 3.0.0, which is now based on PHP7/Debian Stretch (old version was PHP5/Debian Jessie) and MariaDB 10.3.8 (old version was MySQL 5.7.19).

These things need not mean anything to you to continue meaningful crunching for C@H :)
15) Forums : News : All tasks functioning normally (Message 21877)
Posted 10 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
The problem affecting the camb_legacy tasks has been resolved. The server also recently received some under-the-hood upgrades which should improve performance and security.
16) Forums : News : camb_legacy tasks temporarily suspended (Message 21876)
Posted 10 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
If camb_legacy is offline, then what is this?
8/10/2018 1:10:53 AM | Cosmology@Home | No tasks are available for planck_param_sims and why is it not online?

If things don't get fixed soon, I think I will have to leave the project, because when you do come back online, your going to clog my system with a backlog of tasks because you have been offline so long, which in turn knocks all my other projects backwards.

Hi Greg, the camb_legacy tasks have been back online for a few weeks. Prompted by your message let me post a news item to avoid any confusion. The planck_param_sims app is an older app which we are unlikely to use again in the future (I will likely deprecate it soon, although up until somewhat recently it was possible we were going to run a few more of those workunits, but that now looks unlikely). In either case, when we add new workunits it shouldn't affect normal resource sharing between your other project, please let us know if anything weird is happening.
17) Forums : Technical Support : How do you stop a C@H VM task so it will restart on the next PC bootup? (Message 21865)
Posted 3 Aug 2018 by Profile Marius
Indeed, we don't currently do checkpointing, instead the jobs are just kept very short so losing one keeps the wasted computing resources to a minimum (and on our end, there's absolutely no scientific loss from losing any one particular job). That said, its definitely on the wishlist and I imagine we'll have it at some point.
18) Forums : General Topics : Formula BOINC sprint at Cosmology@Home, July 2018 (Message 21841)
Posted 22 Jul 2018 by Profile Marius
Hi all,

It looks like the validator has reduced the 160,000 backlog down to something like 83,000, so that's really good news for the Sprint...

Maybe the validator has been fixed or at least some "tweaks" have been made so that tasks are being rewarded with credits...

Yea, I figured out the problem Friday and have set it to work on the backlog since then. It won't completely finish by the end of today but better than nothing.

So, well done to the project admins if that's the case :-)

Thank you!
19) Forums : Technical Support : Hostname problems (Message 21833)
Posted 21 Jul 2018 by Profile Marius
I suspect the project scheduler sent broken replies for a brief while, which messed up client state. It happened around 12:48 UTC, if I recall correctly.

Sorry about that, that's exactly what happened for about 20 minutes.

A possible fix which worked for me was to shut down the client, correct all corrupted download URLs in client_state.xml using a text editor or a tool like sed, then start the client again.

If you were affected by this, another solution is just to abort your camb_boinc2docker tasks, abort the stalled transfers in the Transfers tab, then detach and reattach the project. Let me know if anyone has any remaining issues.
20) Forums : News : camb_legacy tasks temporarily suspended (Message 21815)
Posted 20 Jul 2018 by Profile Marius
Thanks for info.
But because legacy WU validator is off, you exclude a lot of people to participate at the sprint on Formula !!!
In fact you exclude all who do not want (or can not) install Virtual box !

I do apologize for that, but at the same time there's not much I can do when the sprint chose to run C@H despite that we had had a notice up for a few weeks stating that camb_legacy was currently broken.

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