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Posted 30 Jul 2008 by Profile Cactus Bob
Just jumped back in fray so to speak, a couple months back. Joined seti in 99 and things were simple back then. Your credits showed how many WU you completed and how many hours you donated. Everyone was on an even play field. BOINC messed that up and opened pandora\'s box. The whole project is now an open market. A cruncher gets paid in points for the hours he/she donates. Points being nothing more at this juncture than bragging - status - whatever. Down to brass tax

16K seconds of crunching = 70 units at cosmology@home
20K seconds of crunching - 235 units at einstein@home

I could show others that pay my rigs better units/hours but the bottoms line is a lot of us will go where the \"pay\" is not on the lower end. right now cosmology@home has 51% active users ( users who have contributed points in a month) if that drops a lot in the next 30 days, C@H may want to reconsider its pay scale.

Hope this adds some useful fuel to the fire

Cactus Bob