1) Forums : General Topics : I REFUSE your gift (Message 8275)
Posted 30 Apr 2009 by Bruce
Calling upon the "I asked first" rule I respectfully request any and all refused credit to be transferred to my account. Thanks much.

Since I'm second,I'll split it with you 50% - 50% !!! ;-P
2) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 8114)
Posted 17 Apr 2009 by Bruce

Do you know where they are? What they are doing? What they do for their normal day job?

Let me put it another way, do you always after a full day's of work want to read through forums where you can guess what the general consensus is towards your project, because there are problems? Don't you think the admins know there are problems? Isn't it better that we let them try to fix those, in between their normal day job, instead of having them post an hour-to-hour log of what they are doing? (as some expect)

Having them put up a little bit of news anywhere on a page will only increase expectations. Say they put down this news snippet today, then in 3 days time the next bunch will come along asking for more news and if it's fixed yet and when we can expect it to be fixed, and how crap this project and its admins are and that some need to be fired. etc. etc. etc.

So I put in the bit of news. I'll be back in 3 days time. :-)

Sorry Jord, but it's been this same exact way for the entire time I've been involved here. It seems like they mainly just go by what the status page says. If everything is green and the page claims that there are tasks in progress and some waiting to send, their not posting anything conveys that they think all is well. If this is not how they feel, then they should make an effort to indicate that they are at least aware of problems. The last post by Anshul was to me about power protection for the servers, which was 9 days ago. That he, Scott (if still around), or Ben have not been able to muster up enough dedication to post a single message in 9 days is a bit much, even if I agree that they should spend most of their time fixing issues rather than explaining them. However, there needs to be at least SOMETHING... They do not seem to grasp the concept of communicating with volunteers. It is not the volunteers' responsibility to go hunt down possible posts on the dev list. You can think that it is a "snake pit" in here, but the plain fact of the matter is that at this point all they are doing by avoiding it and sending you in here is affirming (at least for me) that they should be taking courses in Project Management and other classes about Accountability.

Yeah I agree FULLY!!!!!
3) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 8058)
Posted 10 Apr 2009 by Bruce
Maybe I'll try after Spring Break, not getting any response from "project staff" yet, so its only a couple weeks, right? :-(
4) Forums : Wish list : I wish we could get rid of the \"URGENT\" threads (Message 8055)
Posted 9 Apr 2009 by Bruce
I agree with the post from ChertseyAl.

These forums, and the entire project appear to be run by rank novices. If you guys aren't up to the task, or can't be bothered to make real effort to correct problem, maybe someone else should take over. If the way you guys have been running things is the best you can do, it really isn't good enough. Solve the problems and reply to forum messages.

HEAR HEAR!!! My sentiments exactly!! Come on Admins do your job PLEASE!
5) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 8054)
Posted 9 Apr 2009 by Bruce
Say, is that app optimized?

Well, compared to the current version in the download directory, it is sure optimized : it works ;-)

It is just the stock application that I still had on one box from before the server crash.

Maybe you could make the "Good App" available to the project, since they dont seem to be able to get the one they are using to work or even download properly.
What a farce!
6) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 8041)
Posted 9 Apr 2009 by Bruce
Since the problem has been pointed out and the solution is very straightforward I dont see why it hasnt been rectified as yet? Any Ideas? I'm no good at messing with files so I'll wait til "the project" decides to fix the problem, SOON I hope.
7) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 8008)
Posted 7 Apr 2009 by Bruce
I wasn't rushing you Anshul, just letting you know it is still giving the same error.
8) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 8006)
Posted 7 Apr 2009 by Bruce
Still getting the same error messages, try again, I guess.
9) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 7984)
Posted 5 Apr 2009 by Bruce
Problems downloading, I'm getting error "signal verification failed for camb 2.15 windows intelx86.exe"
and "checksum or signature error for camb 2.15 "
10) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology is back ? (Message 7964)
Posted 3 Apr 2009 by Bruce
Looks like I stumbled into an open & fully running site, Not sure, but I'm going to re-attach N' see what happens. No results ready to send yet but looks like site is up n' running.
11) Forums : Technical Support : Host has disappeared from Stat sites (Message 7874)
Posted 22 Feb 2009 by Bruce
Yes looks like its a good fix this time, both machines back in the game! Thanks Anshul!!
12) Forums : Technical Support : Host has disappeared from Stat sites (Message 7839)
Posted 6 Feb 2009 by Bruce
Once again, and this time with the help of the BOINC project administrators (mailing list), I have implemented a possible solution. Just in case, had any new teams joined in November last year whose description exceeded 1024 characters? There was a bug in db_dump that caused it to crash for this reason. I have updated db_dump to the most recent server-stable version without this bug so that might just do the trick.

My hosts are still \"Hidden\" at Boinc Stats (BAM) as of 8:15am EST. Maybe we have to wait until oosmology updates at Boinc stats? My host IDs are 37764 & 29656 if this helps?
13) Forums : Technical Support : Host has disappeared from Stat sites (Message 7790)
Posted 14 Jan 2009 by Bruce
According to Boinc Stats, Cosmology lost over 14000 hosts on Nov 30th /08.
I think the number of lost hosts alone should be cause for some action dont you?
This is the kind of thing that DOES cause people to detach, please rectify the problem ASAP, thanks.
14) Forums : Technical Support : Host has disappeared from Stat sites (Message 7789)
Posted 14 Jan 2009 by Bruce
My computers are hidden too, please look into this for us. I\'m not sure if my cosmology credits are getting counted? At Boinc stats I show NO Credit between Nov 18th until Dec !8, I\'m not sure if I ran any WU\'s during that time but it seems I would have under normal cicumstances, I believe some corrections might be needed, please keep us informed on any progress on this issue. If there is anything I can do please let me know, thanks in advance for any useful advice thats offered.
Same problem here.
My host:

My host/pc statistics:

Why are hosts hidden on account stats?
Any idea to fix this error?
Our account is shared by many different people (I wanted to promote Cosmology but wit this bug it will be impossible) and it\'s not so funny having my pc without credits everyday.

15) Forums : General Topics : Is there any work to do? (Message 7780)
Posted 6 Jan 2009 by Bruce
I just joined but am being told that there is no work available. Is this true or have I screwed up?

Hi Farmerdoug
It looks like one of the servers is having trouble. Look on server status page.But it looks like there\'s lots of work once they get the server running properly. Hope this answers your question.
16) Forums : Technical Support : cant get any new work??? (Message 7116)
Posted 24 Aug 2008 by Bruce
At this very moment there are 78,359 results ready to send.

I can\'t get a single one of them.

Likewise I dont seem to be able to get any work from this project either, this seems to be a long time problem here. This is the second time in recent months that this has happened to me.( probably more,but I dont watch that closely) Hoping you can GET THIS PROBLEM FIXED SOON!!! Because I really want to get some science accomplished here.
17) Forums : Technical Support : No work from project / No work sent : 30th May 2008 (Message 6243)
Posted 30 May 2008 by Bruce
Hi Folks,
Likewise getting \"no work sent \" on my computer too. I am also thinking you have trouble somewhere! Just confirming message 6242