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Posted 10 Jan 2009 by Alberthuang
also this workunit, first issued on the 9th December:

The error codes reported on my machine:

Exit status -186 (0xffffffffffffff46)

stderr out

WU download error: couldn\'t get input files:
<error_message>file not found</error_message>


PS: Does stuff code tag show up same colour as background to you too?

I have such problems for the first time. Today my computer got two tasks (task id 12096388 for workunit 5622819, and task id 12097100 for workunit 5621809) that couldn\'t get input files, and then the BOINC manager showed messages that the input files were not found. Therefore, the final results showed that both tasks were reported the cilent error message and invalid. And the other hosts did the same workunits also had the same problems (See task id 12097129 and 12097283 for workunit 5622819, task id 12096906 and 12097002 for workunit 5621809). Both workunits were first issued just three days ago (7th January, 2009).