1) Forums : Technical Support : Longer / heavier WUs? (Message 8602)
Posted 28 Sep 2009 by koschi
Cosmo seems to have a long checkpoint time so and it may be that
if you do not have `keep wu in memory` set to `yes` this may explain it getting stuck If other projects on the pc compleat ok,
but this means even with 4gb you may run out of ram.

'keep wu in memory' did the trick. Those monsters finally finished.

2) Forums : Technical Support : Longer / heavier WUs? (Message 8589)
Posted 19 Sep 2009 by koschi
I don't mind a big memory footprint or run time, if the WUs finish at all!
I calculated some WUs in July and now again in September, some finish, some do not. The later ones are simply cycling between 60 and 77.499%.
Have a look at http://nopaste.info/4a924b9a2e.html, I recorded the status of one WU over some time. I only reduced "waiting to run" lines to single ones.
Run time on a Q9550/4GB is already around 3days, the system runs on Linux 64bit.

Because of these behaviour I set Cosmo to no new work in July, gave it again a try now and the situation is still the same.

Now is this a problem on my side or of the work units / app?