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Posted 23 Dec 2007 by vaio
I just use the monitors off button.
2) Forums : General Topics : Team Recruitment Thread (Message 4318)
Posted 22 Dec 2007 by vaio

Crunchers Inc are a little team that likes to compete with the big guns of the DC world.

Currently ranked 9th in the DC Vault overall stats table.

New teamies would be most welcome to our Cosmology team or indeed any of our other DC teams.

Come visit our Forums and perhaps join our little crunching team.

Crunchers Inc Cosmology team
3) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home credit discussion (Message 3221)
Posted 13 Oct 2007 by vaio
I just run my projects and get whatever they get.
4) Forums : Technical Support : No Work From Project- All Platforms (Message 2349)
Posted 26 Aug 2007 by vaio
Still eagerly awaiting my first work unit.
From what I've read in this thread it appears that folk don't have secondary boinc projects to make use of "downtime" on this one?..........?

Oh and greetings!!!