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Posted 29 Mar 2008 by Profile [C@B] rpperezr
FYI, I leave here a copy of my just posted message at BOINCS BAM forum.

[BOINCSTATS]Willy said:
I can\'t keep changing the URL for cosmology without knowing what it is supposed to be, so I\'m not changing anything until I hear from an official source what the URL should be.

Also read here and here.

Ageless said:
The official URL is http://www.cosmologyathome.org/

Any other URL is faulty.

rpperez said:
After trying several times to detach and atach to Cosmology from BAM, the project\'s url is still wrong. Lamenting it much I\'m going to permanently detach from Cosmology until the problem is fixed.

I will post a copy of this message at Cosmology\'s board as well.


And here is the link