1) Forums : Technical Support : Longer / heavier WUs? (Message 8298)
Posted 2 May 2009 by John Price
I have a problem with new Cosmology@home WU. All seems to have changed since the Server Crash a fee weeks ago. It is a Linux 10 AMD 2400+ with 1Gb of RAM. It was dedicated to Cosmo, but as I was having problems I reset the project. When restarted it dowloaded 3 units the first gets to about 60% and then it says "Waiting for Memory" up to limit 935 Mb. It then starts the second unit which gets to about the 60% mark and then stalls with the same message. Then the third starts with the same problem 3-4 days or so now with no results sent.
This is all a bit pointless so I am now moving back to Climateprediction which is always able to be run.
I am still producing Cosmos on more powerfull machines and will keep an eye on this forum to see if anything changes.
I really think the work units should be able to be run on an AMD 2400+ with 1Gb of ram.
2) Forums : Technical Support : starving quad core! (Message 7724)
Posted 19 Dec 2008 by John Price
I have two quad core machines both running Climate prediction and Cosmology at home. BOINC does not seem to recognise that I want to share between the two and at best I can only have one Cosmology at home running, with 3 Climate Predictions.
What settings do I have to do to convince it to download more Cosmology at home.
3) Forums : Technical Support : Starved of work (Message 7624)
Posted 11 Nov 2008 by John Price
I\'ve had time to look at my problem a bit more deeply. Firstly I have no problem with single core computers they seem to always be able to get work.
I have two quad core machines that are also running Climateprediction on a 50/50 basis. Climateprediction, for those who know it, has work that can take up to 90 days. It seems that the Boinc manager therefore decides the computer has enough work. If I leave them alone then it completely runs out of cosmology before it asks for more cosmology work. I have set the days work to hold from 0.25 to 1.00 but it has made no difference.
The work round for this is to suspend Climate and then update cosmology which works OK but is a very manual way of running cosmolgy. It still only gives me 4 cosmology units (one for each core,) so not overloaded with work. However, if you need more than one unit using this process, you run in to the issue of \"too soon since last request for work\" it won\'t download more than one and then you have to go thru the problem of waiting, say 60 seconds and then manual update process.

By the way, I still have one out of two downloads hang with 1.88kb of work stalling after downloading 0.36kb. The only solution is cancel this download and update again.

I guess my point is that the idea of BOINC is it is automatic, but with cosmology I am not finding it automatic.
4) Forums : Technical Support : Starved of work (Message 7594)
Posted 7 Nov 2008 by John Price
I am now getting the message \"Server not sending work as last request too recent\". The problem is I am running a quad core and now one core has no work.
Any work rounds for this?