1) Forums : Technical Support : Computational error on boinc2docker jobs (Message 20993)
Posted 4 Apr 2016 by Phil
Jobs version 1.05 working fine.
2) Forums : Wish list : Dump CreditNew (Message 20682)
Posted 4 Jan 2016 by Phil

Use a fixed rate or a variable rate but dump CreditNew...

Dump CreditNew and it will be the best day for the life of the project.

Of course.
Dole out tens or hundreds of kilocredits per job (like certain other BOINC projects) and attract thousands of new punters.
Nobody will care that running this project imposes severe penalties on their machine, after all its only a matter of time before some Cosmo Eruptor USB is invented and the only limit is the size power supply for an external BOINCY Port Thing.
3) Forums : News : New app exiting beta status on Dec 3 (Message 20615)
Posted 1 Dec 2015 by Phil
Hi Marius,

Exciting news! Docker is a quick and robust system and your BOINC2Docker wrapper a great way for this and future apps to use BOINC.

The problems that I see at the moment are:
    1 A fair amount of CPU time-wasting. I hope that the present jobs are just quick tests, and that "real" CMS@Home jobs would run for at least an hour, so that the time added by starting up the VM and starting Docker are reduced.
    2 CPU Priority. At present, using ALL Available CPUs at Normal priority makes the typical computer very sleepy, perhaps there could be added controls "run jobs at low priority" and "use at most n processors for THIS project (maybe defaulting to 50%) so that users can have more confidence trying this system?

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Posted 22 Nov 2015 by Phil
5) Forums : News : Beta testing (Message 20571)
Posted 8 Nov 2015 by Phil
Hello !

What are we testing exactly ?

Thank You


maybe this?
6) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home in 2015 ? (Message 20190)
Posted 23 Jan 2015 by Phil
It would be good if Ben posted more than once every couple of years.
It would assure folk that our data are doing something useful.
7) Forums : General Topics : Song of the day (Message 20094)
Posted 5 Jun 2014 by Phil
WE ARE THE ROBTS....Man, that was a very cool song. Thank you for sharing, Dennis.

Hmm, I do remember a variation on that song by Kraftwurst?