1) Forums : Technical Support : High memory usage (Message 8444)
Posted 19 Jun 2009 by Seversen
Was the calculation precision that much lower before all the server problems a couple months ago? The memory use before the server problems wasn't anywhere near as high as now.
2) Forums : Technical Support : Problem getting work` (failed downloads) (Message 8017)
Posted 7 Apr 2009 by Seversen
I have reset the project and I am still getting the signature verification failed error.
3) Forums : Technical Support : cant get any new work??? (Message 6860)
Posted 1 Aug 2008 by Seversen
I have no idea if I\'m the only one having trouble getting work for the last few days or if nobody else is posting because they\'ve just come to accept this as the \"status quo\" for the project. I\'m guessing we\'d have fewer posts if we all posted when we DO get new work rather than when we don\'t.

In any case, if any of the project developers care, I\'ve got 3 machines completely out of work and most of the rest are only getting by because they\'ll occasionally get 1 new task and I\'ve reduced the resource for this project enough that they can get by with making 50 scheduler requests for every task they manage to get.

I\'m guessing I\'m not the only one having the problem since the \"Results ready to send\" on the status page has only gone down by about 10-12 per hour for as long as I\'ve been watching it.

Sure would be nice if you\'d give us all a little info as to what\'s being done...

I\'m not getting any work either.
4) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Discussion Thread (Message 6859)
Posted 1 Aug 2008 by Seversen
This has probably been raised before but I couldnt find anything. My current WU has been running for 54 hours (they usually take about 12). The progress bar rises to about 40% but then keeps falling back and resetting at about 3%. Will it complete? Should I trash it or let it run?

Two things to check before you throw it away:

1) Are you crunching for another project on the same machine and are they taking alternate periods of time (e.g. one hour on Cosmology one hour on other project(s))

2) if the answer to 1 is yes check the setting in your general preferences on your account page here - the answer to \"leave application in memory when suspended?\" should be yes.

If the answer is currently no go to edit preferences and change it to yes. If you use the home / work / school preferences you may have to change these instead / as well. Next wait a moment or two and in BOINC manager or BOINC View update the Cosmology project. I think this change only takes effect when BOINC has been restarted, so suspend all processing, shut down BOINC and restart it. When it comes up remember to resume processing.



Edit : Just to add it probably only became a problem when the longer work units arrived 23rd July.

How does \"leave application in memory when suspended?\" work when set to yes? Does it just leave the suspended application in the vitrual memory? I run a bunch of different projects on my machine and would be concerned about overloading the memory.
5) Forums : Technical Support : No Credit Granted (Message 6858)
Posted 1 Aug 2008 by Seversen
This appears to be an example of the problem I raised in my last paragraph in this thread http://www.cosmologyathome.org/forum_thread.php?id=537&nowrap=true#6794

Basically anything run with version 2.12 won\'t get the same result as anything run with a later version. Version 2.12 was the last without a process called lensing. When I started crunching Cosmology units at the end of last year the lensing process used to happen as the last step before a unit completed. Back then the % complete would remain at 95% for an age if you watched on BOINC manager or BOINC View. The process was removed by the project team some months ago.

It was re-introduced with version 2.13 and seems to have been integrated with the rest of the process this time. I suspect this is one reason why the units run on 2.13 and later take much longer than those on 2.12.

Ideally, when 2.13 was released those units crunched on 2.12 and still either in a pending state or which were then reported within their deadline should have been credited regardless of whether a wingman confirmed the result or not. The problem is bigger than it might have been, as a lot of people stopped crunching Cosmology around that time as there was much difficulty in getting work downloaded - it is still far from perfect.


That is along the lines of what I suspected. Thanks.
6) Forums : Technical Support : No Credit Granted (Message 6852)
Posted 1 Aug 2008 by Seversen
Does anyone know why I didn\'t get any credit for this task http://www.cosmologyathome.org/result.php?resultid=10473567 ?
I returned it and my wingman didn\'t and then 2 people using the new apps turned it in and got credit.