1) Forums : Technical Support : Permanent HTTP error (Message 20309)
Posted 2 Sep 2015 by Profile JohnMD
Message when trying to download 4 PNG files after reconnect.
2) Forums : Technical Support : Low memory (Message 20229)
Posted 7 Apr 2015 by Profile JohnMD
Hi Mike,
I run C@H on a 32bit Vista having 2GB without problems.
I did experience your problem when 'Windows Update' required about 1GB on top of everything else. Note that the message is low VIRTUAL storage. I upped my swap file to 4GB and haven't had the problem since then :-)
3) Forums : Cosmology and Astronomy : Analysis on work done (Message 4908)
Posted 3 Feb 2008 by Profile JohnMD
\"Oh my! For those of us used to crunching climateprediction models, a mere week or more sounds like a breeze! ;-)
Well said Marj !
However, long WU\'s require pretty watertight checkpoint-restart facilities built in to the project. My faith in Windows isn\'t enough to justify embarking on a CPDN-model if it requires around 4 months\' cpu without a single OS crash.
4) Forums : General Topics : Milestones (Message 4907)
Posted 3 Feb 2008 by Profile JohnMD
Just got here. Nice to see so many crunchers dedicating serious megaflops to the cause. It\'ll be a while before my P4 (model 2) can celebrate in the numbers game - but it would be nice to know what scientific milestones the project is achieving...