1) Forums : Technical Support : Need Help! (Message 8116)
Posted 17 Apr 2009 by Dr. Ronald C. Spencer
Thank you so much for the heads up about the problems your having, I thought it was surely my computer. Now I can relax knowing I can help this Project out in the near future again. :)
2) Forums : Technical Support : Need Help! (Message 8110)
Posted 16 Apr 2009 by Dr. Ronald C. Spencer
Keep getting this message from Cosmology@home

CAMB needs 476.84 MB RAM but only 459.38 is available for use. Is that a Cosmology@home problem or is it from my computer? If it is from my computer is there a way I can remedy the problem? Thanks folks.
3) Forums : Technical Support : Credit denied (Message 5483)
Posted 26 Mar 2008 by Dr. Ronald C. Spencer
I\'m curios as to why you would send work units then abort the finished work that was uploaded to you or what happened to me just now I finished the work you sent yesterday and on the site it shows claimed credit and you put a zero in the credit awarded. Why do you waste the hours that people freely give you by the use of their computer and send them non-productive work? Someone qualify\'s for the U.S. Congress.
4) Forums : Technical Support : Server error: Can\'t attach shared memory (Message 5264)
Posted 15 Mar 2008 by Dr. Ronald C. Spencer
I have the same message. I detached and re- attached in hopes the problem would go away. It\'s obviously a server problem and out of our control. I see a whole lot of science going down the toilet until they can get a handle on it Being an astronomer I loved helping in this research. What a Bummer