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Posted 20 Jan 2014 by Profile Sirius B
Cosmic Web seen for 1st time

Interesting report.
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Posted 19 Jun 2008 by Profile Sirius B
Congratulations again Scott & team. Love the new web design.
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Posted 23 May 2008 by Profile Sirius B
Congrats Scott & fellow project staff in getting over the difficulties.

Wu\'s now crunching merrily away.



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Posted 30 Jan 2008 by Profile Sirius B
What if you try again, but just fill in test in the first window, then do the recaptchas? If you at least manage to add the test part without trouble, it might be something else.

Retried & successful. The only thing I can think of is I got the 0 & O\'s mixed up.

Thanks for the help.

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Posted 30 Jan 2008 by Profile Sirius B
Works here, so you probably read the reCAPTCHAs wrong? I don\'t know what to make of it, but my two test entries in my profile went through without a hitch. You did add a space between the two words? And you did allow the reCAPTCHA software through on possible browser add-ons, such as Noscript?

Yes. Tried 5 times with same result so gave up.
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Posted 30 Jan 2008 by Profile Sirius B
I\'ve just spend the last 15 minutes trying to create a profile. Everytime it comes up with ReCAPTCHA incorrect.

I have typed exactly what shows on screen.

Ideas anyone?
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Posted 20 Jan 2008 by Profile Sirius B
I edited my above post, but to reiterate, you can discuss credits in other projects and how they relate to our own, but please stay away from talking about how poorly/well other projects are run and such.

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Posted 19 Jan 2008 by Profile Sirius B
I think the current state of the discussion is fine, since we are being asked to change our credit to be more in line with other projects.

As long as this says civil, I don\'t see a problem with continuing.

1st, many thanks Scott. 2nd, My apologies, I did not intend to cause the thread to go off topic. I genuinely admire & appreciate the way Admin & Moderators work these boards. It really is a sheer pleasure to witness.

I\'ve stopped crunching Seti on my personal rigs due to the problems at S@H. Too many times I\'ve seen the servers down, questions unanswered. At the end of the day, any DC Project cannot survive without it\'s volunteers. The majority of which enjoy doing so, not only for the science, credits, but also for what they themselves can learn.

You are rewarding your volunteers with what you consider to be a reasonable amount. I believe most accept this, but what I find hard to accept is that yours & other projects must fall into line with S@H. This is wrong, for scientists & so called professionals, they are going about things the wrong way. Since re-joining S@H for the first time since Summer 1999, asides from the regular server maintainence outage, they continue to lose they servers on a regular basis.

My personal view is that until they get their act together, they should not be setting standards for others.

At this moment in time, I think that they are in the \"Chicken & Egg\" situation. Which comes 1st, the project or the crunchers?
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Posted 18 Jan 2008 by Profile Sirius B
As a child, I was fascinated by Sputnik, Telestar, Mercury, Gemini & Apollo. It was terrific listening to the radio broadcasts & using my imagination a la \"Dan Dare\". As I entered my teens, school & girls took my attention away.

What brought my attention back & maintained it since was the late Carl Sagan with his \"Cosmos\" television series. I often wish that he was one of my teachers!

I have only recently found out about this project from my team (Canada) & will now have it on all my rigs & future rigs.

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Posted 18 Jan 2008 by Profile Sirius B
Hi Guys, very interesting thread. I\'ve just attached to C@H. Until recently, I had all my rigs crunching S@H & admittedly, enjoyed the rise of my rac. I did not join s@h for the rac but the science.

At this moment in time, I cannot access s@h. It\'s not a problem my end as I can access the other 5 projects I\'m attached to. I have found DC to be rewarding in that it helps science to solve problems which benefits us all.

The point I\'ve just found annoying is that Dr A wants to interfere with other projects when the original project cannot get its act together. Since re-attaching to Seti since my original date of 1999, I have found that it is no longer rewarding but frustrating. So much to the point that when my personal rigs have finished crunching the s@h wu\'s, they will be detached. My customers rigs will still be attached as they are more or less \"set & forget\" (on their annual servicing, will update boinc if necessary).

As already mentioned, seti wants more volunteers? Why?, they cannot maintain the project for the current volunteers!

As regards to credit, IMHO it is nice to see how one\'s rigs are doing, but to concentrate on the credit alone is not what these projects are here for.