1) Forums : Technical Support : errors on download (Message 7643)
Posted 14 Nov 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
Just managed to download some tasks without any problems.
They start with the Nr. 111... instead of my failing downloads
from the past, which all started with Nr. 110...
2) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 6465)
Posted 10 Jul 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
I had to temporarily turn down the frequency of the server status page update, so it\'s not showing the most recent statistics.

The database was acting up again earlier, so I had to play around with it a bit. I looks to be up and running now, though.

Well, at least on my side there is NOTHING up & running ATM !!

3) Forums : Technical Support : No work for platform (Message 5904)
Posted 10 Apr 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
I`m getting \" no work from project \", although the
server status page shows: Results ready to send 84,212.
Tried several times today, same message.
4) Forums : Technical Support : Thanks, Scott! (Message 5849)
Posted 6 Apr 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
Running different projects makes it rather easy to just
\" sit it out\". So there`s no panic or impatience on my side,
since I`m used to such situations from SETI!

Scott, as soon as You are ready, we`ll be ready too!

5) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Discussion Thread (Message 5801)
Posted 5 Apr 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
Maybe this project was ill-conceived from the start

But isn\'t that true of most Projects when they first start out & for some time after they\'ve been running, look @ how many have been down for 6 month\'s to over a year because the Dev\'s can\'t figure out the Applications to release new Wu\'s.

I\'m quite sure somebody involved with the Project knows by now that Wu\'s are not being sent out, so you guy\'s can go on all weekend long about it & keep lambasting Scott & the Project in General or you can give it a rest & see what happens Monday or hopefully sooner.

Personally I have calls in for more work, if I get any fine, if I don\'t that\'s fine too, it\'s the projects loss & not mine if the Servers don\'t want to send any work or somebody has the sending work feature simply shut off.

Fully agree to your point of view !
6) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Discussion Thread (Message 5656)
Posted 1 Apr 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
Attached a comp to COSMO a few minutes ago - All downloads o.k.,

started crunching the first wu. So everything seems to be stable

on my side (at least as far as I can tell).


BTW : Thank You, Scott!
7) Forums : General Topics : Cosmology@Home credit discussion (Message 4759)
Posted 25 Jan 2008 by Profile the silver surfer

Just joined C@H yesterday. I have been with seti since 2003 and Einstein since last year.When I started seti I had no concept,or notion,of credits. It was just something I believed in.
Last year I heard about Einstein and joined that as well,by this time a member of a team.
As a 60 year-old trucker[HGV 1] {18 wheeler on your side of the pond} I have seen the imensity of the night sky, and the beauty of it, and this project is worthy of support.
I have an AMD Athlon x2 4200 and seti runs between 1.5 hours and 6 hrs., Einstein between 15 hrs and 18 hrs., and Cosmo.,so far,between 4 hrs. and 6 hrs.
I don\'t care about credits. I care about science.

Couldn\'t agree more. It\'s about helping advance our knowledge of our universe and not about how many credits are scored. I donate my computer time not for kudos but for my own personal satisfaction in knowing that in a small way I am contributing what I can to the advancement of science.

@Michael James

I second Your statements. Credits are secondary, the main goal is the science behind the projects and the fun we have with our little hobby !
8) Forums : Technical Support : Upload/Download Server Problems (Message 4697)
Posted 24 Jan 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
... set the results to \"valid\", so I had to play around with the mysql config files for a while until it relented.

Maybe there is a connection between your experiments and this effect (example) :


All my uncrunched results went to \"didn\'t need\" / \"valid\" with a grant of 100 credits for no work done at all.

It doesn\'t show those 100 credits on the WU list but it can be seen in the results and my total credits jumped from 1400 to 3100

Same here about half an hour ago.

9) Forums : General Topics : Why do you participate in Cosmology@Home? Who is the \"most surprising\" participant? (Message 4545)
Posted 21 Jan 2008 by Profile the silver surfer
Started way back with SETI Classic, moved to SETI@home, Rosetta and Milkyway.
Found Cosmology@home rather \"by accident\" on the BOINC webpage, and decided to give it a try.
And you know what ? - It suits me very well! Your project combines IMO the essential questions ( and maybe answers? ) of mankind.
Could well be that I shut down SETI, and contribute my cpu cycles to your project.