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Posted 31 Jul 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*

edit to add:
Bloody thing looks like the stock market.
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Posted 29 Jul 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
He says this is to avoid a war? From where i\'m sitting it looks like it just began.
My favorite quote from the article:
\"SETI@home would then \'legitimately\' be able to claim more credit per CPU second than everyone else.\"
Don\'t take that out of context, read the whole post.
However, I think that does gives an interesting insight into the psychology over there. Doublespeak anyone? Where\'s Zeitgeist?

*immediately downgrades all hosts to 5.10.45*
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Posted 27 Jul 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
mmmm kay...well now let\'s see..OK, so I was a bit bored, (not really) So decided to do as best I could figure, some math across multiple projects to see how they compare on a single host. As always YMMV.

So, these were all crunched on the same host, headless, with nothing besides the OS and Boinc running. I used a stock HP pavillion s3000. It has an AMD x2 4200+ and runs BOINC 6.3.5 under Linux: 2.6.24-19-generic.

As many WUs as I could were averaged together to calculate the results.
I still have many other WUs pending credit from some other projects I hadn\'t crunched in ahwile. However, now that I am bored, here are the results I have thus far.
In no particular order:

Cosmolgy - 17,386.77 secs earned 70 credits or 14.49 cr/hr (347.76 per day)

YOYO - 6,133.03 secs earned 37.71 credits or 22.14 cr/hr (531.36 per day)

Orbit - 866,501.05 secs earned 2,657.97 credits or 11.04 cr/hr (264.96 per day)

SETI - 5,362.2 secs earned 28.65 credits or 19.23 cr/hr (461.52 per day)

Rosetta - 10,530.74 secs earned 43.30 credits or 14.80 cr/hr (355.2 per day)

Einstein - 27,498.93 secs earned 237.53 credits or 31.096 cr/hr (746.3 per day)

LHC - 2,364.98 secs earned 6.74 credits or 10.26 cr/hr (246.24 per day)

ABC - 12,567.47 secs earned 126.72 credits or 36.29 cr/hr (870.96 per day)

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Posted 25 Jul 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
The good news is, there won\'t be any more server problems... What with the whole no longer having any participants thing and all. ;)
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Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
One of my machines (Windows Intel quad core) has downloaded seven of the v2.14 wu\'s in the last hour. I\'ve suspended the other tasks on that machine tempoarily so I can run these asap. They have been going nearly 15 minutes and showing good progress on Boincview, fingers firmly crossed.

Incidentally, all seven are re-sends of units originally downloaded with the abortive v2.13 last night.


Well, at least no one will be complaining about credits being too high anymore...
Your machines, currently, seem to be granted about 1/3rd the credits per hour they were previously!?!
I wonder if this was intentional and can only hope it may be rectified in the near future.
Going from a high paying project to paying less per hour than seti standard app is pretty profound..
Was there pressure internally we aren\'t being aware of?
I am choose to remain optimistic and believing this is only temporary, it will get sorted.
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Posted 19 Jul 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
In front of me I have 3 Linux boxes all running AMD x2 procs. One has a full cache and has been churning out WUs for about 2 days now. The other two, no matter how I try to persuade, remain empty.

I only get this. Over and over and...

Sat 19 Jul 2008 05:34:46 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 82800 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
Sat 19 Jul 2008 05:35:01 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks
Sat 19 Jul 2008 05:35:01 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: No work sent


edit to add:
Regarding the post immediately under this one.
I don\'t get your second two lines..Only the three I posted. Nothing about no work from project or deferring.
So strange...*cue twilight zone music*
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Posted 8 Jul 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
hmmm....umm Houston?

There are currently 459 completed WUs in my pendings tab awaiting validation and a full cache on each machine crunching away. I have set them to NNW until this gets sorted. Just couldn\'t figure out why my RAC kept dropping. LOL Kinda wish I had caught it earlier. Cross fingers none of this gets lost.
Server status page currently shows:
Results ready to send 83,418
Results in progress 261,935
Workunits waiting for Validation 64,812
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Posted 14 Apr 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
Mon 14 Apr 2008 05:28:29 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: (there was work but it was committed to other platforms)
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Posted 9 Apr 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
I see the validator seems to be asleep again! Queue is rising fast and everything going into Pendings...

[Edit] and all 81,000+ in the RTS queue seem to be committed to non-Intel C2D Win platforms!! (Really??)[/Edit]


ROFL! Touche\'
Well, can tell you they aren\'t for AMD linux either.
Tue 08 Apr 2008 10:58:53 PM HST|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: (there was work but it was committed to other platforms)
Tue 08 Apr 2008 10:58:53 PM HST|Cosmology@Home|Deferring communication for 1 min 0 sec
Tue 08 Apr 2008 10:58:53 PM HST|Cosmology@Home|Reason: no work from project

Seriously I feel sooo bad for Scott. I hope he is well reimbursed for dealing with all this BS. Why is this all his problem though? The best thing to do would be take a time out. I admire the guy, however, I would have walked away ahwile ago in his shoes. I hope he can get some help. If we loose him at semesters end it will be a real loss as he is truely an awesome dev and an asset to the project and the Boinc community.

One thing I don\'t get is why all the database issues? Wasn\'t everything fine until the new versions of CAMB? Which sans lensing do seem to be running fine now that we finally got rid of all the 031808 wu\'s etc. Did we ever get an answer from Ben why this version\'s science is so supperior to previous ones?

Excuse my ignorance of puters. But, when windows becomes fubar; a clean install works every time. Is something like that possible here? Instead of mucking about with code possibly fixing things that aren\'t broke. Why not take the project down, reinsatll everything to previous working versions and go from there. Set up the experimental application option to suss out any changes before they become official.

Sorry for the rant, just my .02 Ameros
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Posted 7 Apr 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*

Sorry for the bad form of replying to my own post but this is really an extension of the previous comment. I continued to get the same response to every request for new work (i.e. just a \"no work from project\" without anything else) until my supply dried up totally - none left. At that point, I detached and reattached and, hey presto, new work downloaded :)

This may be a way to \"kick the server\" if you run dry?

Hmm, I think you just got lucky. Just tried that on each host as they ran dry to no avail. :(
They all say:
Mon 07 Apr 2008 04:01:35 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|Reason: no work from project

Too bad cause it was fun while it lasted. Everything was running great including the website. Now the site is crawling, no errors yet though. Uploads seem to have slowed to a crawl as well.
Currently the server status page shows green across the board:
Results ready to send 77,771
Results in progress 88,556
waiting for validation 23
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Posted 5 Apr 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
Update on server problems:

At first, we thought the problem lay just with Debian\'s start-up table integrity check for mysql. However, even though removing the check improved the situation somewhat, problems obviously still persisted. Mysql was using a bunch of memory with only 1% CPU or so. After further investigation, we discovered that mysql spent nearly all of it\'s time waiting for the disk. After talking with some support people and playing around with the mysql config file, we were able to significantly lower the IO delays.

The result is that now the web page seems to be loading a lot faster than before, the server is no longer chugging, and the average mysql query time is much, much lower. In addition, processes no longer seem to be piling up in the mysql process list, which means that queries from the project daemons are being answered properly. I want to say that this is the end of the database problems, but I will wait for another couple of days before deciding that all is well with that part.

I am continuing to investigate why work doesn\'t seem to be flowing very well at the moment. For now, I\'m going to increase the number of available WUs for crunching, a temporary solution.

Also: I will keep credit the way it is for now to make up for all of the credit lost. After a couple of days, I may knock it back down to around 50 or so.

OMG, that sounds like a ridiculous amount of work. All you had to do was give us a heads up. Heck, we thought all the team had gone on holiday. Thanks for all the hard work. We post \"here\" because the urgent problem was that there was no communication from the project. Had everyone known you were working on it and to be patient there would have been NO bashing. Just saying.

edit to add: Yea, getting \"no work from project\" across platforms here too.
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Posted 5 Apr 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
Sat 05 Apr 2008 10:31:57 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|[error] MD5 check failed for params_033108_013650_0.ini
Sat 05 Apr 2008 10:31:57 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|[error] expected 63caa6f9b3adedba61653b60f4ba77e8, got a11a0ec5f059f3e87d773d1e9a9dc80d
Sat 05 Apr 2008 10:31:57 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|[error] Checksum or signature error for params_033108_013650_0.ini
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Posted 4 Apr 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
I have a theory...
I believe a micro singularity could have been created by one of our LHC runs which has somehow migrated through the Boinc network and trapped the staff of both projects. *sarcastic grin*

Seriously though..
Someone should phone Ben\'s office, you know just to make sure everyone is ok...maybe ask if they would be so kind as to enable uploads for us before leaving for the weekend. That may give a chance for the validator to catch up again before we start crunching new units.
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Posted 1 Apr 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
Same thing here...been too busy to babysit.
Just caught this WU looping for over 24 hours:
Pages and pages of:
Tue 01 Apr 2008 10:27:43 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|Task wu_031808_051257_4_3 exited with zero status but no \'finished\' file
Tue 01 Apr 2008 10:27:43 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project.
Tue 01 Apr 2008 10:27:43 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|Restarting task wu_031808_051257_4_3 using camb version 212

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Posted 31 Mar 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
LOL @ the current server status page

\"Transitioner backlog (hours) 335,276\"

hmm, guess it may be ahwile before we get credit for all this work in limbo.

They could start a new side DC project to help out...
Call it CosmosTransitioner@home or just CT@home.

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Posted 29 Mar 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
\"March 26, 2008 Keep on Crunching!\" ={
\"please don\'t worry that your time here at Cosmology@Home is wasted.\"

Well, I sure hope not! Shame that someone couldn\'t have at least made a single post over the last couple days to say they are alive, or working on it, or not...whatever. Just any communication would sure have been appreciated.

Since I can actually navigate the website atm, albeit at something approaching dialup speeds I checked out my pendings tab. Currently 163 WUs pending. :(

Ya know I really don\'t mind the problems...Everyone has problems from time to time, right? Until recently I have had a very positive experience with this project.

It is the ABSENCE of communication that has made me reevaluate if I really want this to be my pet project. Sorry to vent just wanted to chime in and say heck, just post SOMETHING. I don\'t think anyone expects you to say, \"ok all fixed\". However how long does it take to give us....idunno an update, some encouragement, something.

Still getting the \"exited with zero status\" error intermittently across all platforms.

edit to add: It isn\'t wasted time that is worriesome per say..more so wasted $$electricity ;)
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Posted 28 Mar 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
Just had to cancel two on different machines. Same errors as before.

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Posted 24 Mar 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
oops thought I was on the MilkyWay board for a minute. Just kidding just kidding...LOL *hides*

Ditto what Stefan said. I have been concerned about too much credit being issued since the lensing was removed. Does anyone know if this is only temporary and eventually they will go back to being longer?

Looking at my results I have some that claim 10 some that claim 50 and a few at 70 however. So perhaps it balances out over the long run.

I really think in all seriousness before any rash or knee jerk changes are made those making decisions need to take a careful look at what just happened at MilkyWay.

In thinking about all this as I never really worried about credit much before.....My first instincts, I am sure like many others, is that credit needs to be as even as possible across projects. Upon more thought though, it seems to me that that isn\'t necessarily as fair as it would seem. Shouldn\'t some projects \"pay\" their \"employees\" higher based on the importance and substance of the research being done? Now who is to deem what is important obviously is the question and one with no practical answers. But certain projects I don\'t feel are terribly important so I don\'t crunch them...I crunch cosmology because I think it is brilliant science and very well run. There is something to be said for if it isn\'t broken don\'t fix it.
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Posted 20 Mar 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
OK, just woke up and here is where I seem to be at. I think I will choose cautiously optimistic. Let\'s hope it isn\'t just naivety. ;)

OK so first thing I noticed was that the client had shut itself down during the night on 1 of my machines. This just started happening and was what led me to investigate and discovering cos was having problems in the first place. Now I originally assumed this was something wrong with this particular machine and not related to the project which I am still quite open to.
It seems like everything is fine and it just somehow got shut down. The only error I can find now is:
Thu 20 Mar 2008 04:38:44 AM HST|Cosmology@Home|[error] No start tag in scheduler reply
Does anyone know what this means?

The good news is it appears during the night several different WU were done by a few machines and all finished and uploaded. Let me see if I can find any that have validated.

So it would appear so far so good. Not sure if I did but: Is it important people reset the project or otherwise clear any cached workunits they have from before to avoid the same problems? I noticed when I connected the server resent all these old units?

I decided to \"get no new work\" for now until I see that indeed all is well. Honestly I have never looked at the pending credit link of a project before a few minutes ago, so have no idea if what I saw was normal.
It indicates I have 53 work units pending credit! It also gives the value of \"Pending credit: 2,202.91\" which I can only assume is based off the \"claimed credit\" values. Is this normal? I am guessing a result of the recent issues so some will take longer than normal to validate some may not etc?

Well so that is where I am at. At least if nothing else I have learned a quite a bit about boinc in this process and gotten to do some tuning and tweaking. Also, neat thing about boinc, some other projects have picked up some cycles they otherwise wouldn\'t have.

Here\'s hoping everyone and everything is well!
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Posted 20 Mar 2008 by Profile Westsail and *Pyxey*
Woo Hoo!!

Just completed my first work unit since the project came back up and it worked flawless.


Many more being worked on by various machines. *crosses fingers* Let\'s hope the worst is behind us. So far everything looks good. Thanks everyone!


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