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Posted 12 Dec 2008 by DaveSun
Hi all,
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. As you may have noticed all these WUs are set to have a quorum of 2. There were 50 such test WUs in all that I had initially generated and caused a lot of havoc till I realized this issue. the error being returned is \"too many success results\" because the new validator only takes in 1 result at a time (instead of taking 2 formerly) which in turn makes it validate the \"same\" result twice.
Could someone be so kind as to send me a test_wu id for a WU with a quorum of 1 so I can verify this. Thanks.

Here\'s one WU from earlier in this thread.
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Posted 11 Dec 2008 by DaveSun
I hope everyone has received due credit for the test WUs by now. I checked our logs and they state that 120.00 credit was granted for 150 work units in all so if a test WU is still pending credit please let me know since it may indicate a problem with the validator.

G\'Day Anshul,

You might like to check out this WU then, as none of the 4 WU\'s that were processed got any credit, all got Zero.

Thanks for the update.

Same thing here
3) Forums : Technical Support : errors on download (Message 7571)
Posted 5 Nov 2008 by DaveSun
I think that if you were to look closely at the tasks that are failing downloads all of them are resends. I just checked my tasks list and all the ones I\'ve needed to abort due to \"http error\" were resends that either had no reply or were aborted by user. Then the download errors started on the first resend and continue until they have too many error results.
4) Forums : General Topics : Computer Totals not adding up to Overall Total (Message 5426)
Posted 23 Mar 2008 by DaveSun
My compter totals match my over all total however, when this all started I had 19,900 total credits and 6 WU pending when all the WUs were cancelled. I see in the task list that credits for the 6 WUs that were pending show as granted but they were never applied to the overall total nor were they applied to the computer totals.
5) Forums : Technical Support : Upload/Download Server Problems (Message 4724)
Posted 24 Jan 2008 by DaveSun
I\'ve been watching this unfold today and now that I have gotten to my hosts that run C@H I have aborted the tasks that were in progress/in cache. I then detached/reattatched each host and have suspened the project for the time being. I\'ll check in later and if the planets have come back into alignment I\'ll resume the project.


[edit] and if for some reason the credit that I had pending/inprogress disappers so be it.[/edit]