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Posted 21 Mar 2010 by Brian Silvers

Would someone be so kind and explain to my how it is possible to have credits on a project without having a computer attached and crunching WUs?

Yes, I have an account here, and yes, I have an account on many projects I am not attached to. The simple reason is that my team gets created on new and existing projects and one needs an account, on the project, to maintain that team.

Thank you, in advance, for any logical explanation. :)

Keep on BOINCing...! :)

Try reading the last news item that was posted on the home page........

Basically, they messed up and gave everyone 5000 credits rather than only those who were active participants...

Edit: Of course the news portion is blanked out again now due to some issue with the UOTD profile...

Anyway, you've had 5000 credits since the bungle nearly a year ago...
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Posted 6 Mar 2010 by Brian Silvers
But I don't think it is the same as Predictor. DLB banned people right and left.

People are confused, to say the least, in regards to the notion of "free speech" in regards to publicly accessible forums. The forums are able to be read by anyone in the world that can access this site, but this in and of itself does not make them "public domain" / "run by the government". Freedom of Speech, at least in the United States, only pertains to protections against governmental supression of speech / ideas. Yes, there are a few fringe cases dealing with, I believe, shopping malls, but generally speaking private companies are allowed to restrict conduct that they do not want on their premesis...

The message boards at Predictor were the property of Scripps Research Institute, a privately-owned entity. While DLB made several poor choices, so did many of his detractors. As it was a privately-owned server, it was within his right to ban people for continued evasion of prior bans and continued trashing of the project, and the Research Institute by proxy.

For those participants, who repeatedly engaged in the behavior of creating new accounts to circumvent the project's and the Research Institute's ability to exercise their completely legal efforts to not have their property defaced, to start coming here and start claiming similar things...takes a bit of nerve.

The comparison ends at the point of that this project (Cosmology) has paid little attention to its' volunteers. That has impacted all of us for the past year. The loss of account info is something very specific. I urge the people having the issue of lost accounts to seek to contact Ben either through the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, or through Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris, France, preferably by phone, and to cease the comparisons to a totally different situation.

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Posted 6 Mar 2010 by Brian Silvers
As I indicated before, one might attempt to contact Ben via phone. I do not know if the number that is real easy to find for the UIUC campus is still active or not, or if it might have a voice mail on it referencing the new number in France, nor do I know if perchance the place he went to in France has a listing for his number there yet or not...

In any case, all one had to have done was to have visited the boards once in a great while for approximately the past year to know that the project was on auto-pilot. Comparisons to Predictor are outlandish, particularly given the history of that incident, which bears no true similarity to this situation, beyond the notion that certain participants feel ignored / slighted. While I suppose I would be upset if I were in their shoes, I don't think there is any intended harm for the individuals who are having an issue right now, nor do I feel that they have exhausted all avenues to try to get in touch with Ben...
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Posted 15 Feb 2010 by Brian Silvers

At least 3 accounts of harmless users have been deleted without any reason, at least without any thinkable reason. And nothing has been done to undo this severe error within the last two weeks.

Using past history as a guide for future events, I'd plan on a longer wait... You might try to find Ben's phone number and call it...
5) Forums : General Topics : What's the status of the project? (Message 8864)
Posted 11 Feb 2010 by Brian Silvers

1) The mysterious intermittent download errors.

I've been mentioning for months that this happens when people reset the project because of seeing your number 2 item:

2) Many work units are long and memory consuming. There is a great deal of variation between work units.

What seems to being going on is you're not keeping the task input files on the download server until the result comes back as a success, or not restoring them when a timeout happens. All you likely need to do is ask other project administrators what the proper settings should be.

In addition, I accepted a new position in November as Professor and International Chair at the Paris Institut for Astrophysics (IAP) and Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris (Paris 6) which began in January. I am still not done with the transatlantic move. Most of my family's worldly belongings are currently somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean.

While I do congratulate you, the proper thing to have done would've been to come here back in November and mention that you were going to be doing moves. I am sure you would expect a student of yours to provide you with a reasonable explanation as to why they went missing if that student then showed up asking for extensions on projects / papers. While that is a reasonable explanation, the time missing was known, not an unknown, so I don't know how you would make a judgement call on a situation with a student coming to you like this, but I'd only give partial credit...

The reason the hire has not happened yet, is because it is difficult to find someone with the required skill set given our budgetary constraints. We do have a yearly budget but it would only pay for a fraction of a professional computer engineer. The goal is to find someone like Scott - a talented computer engineering or computer science student with a passion for astronomy/cosmology who can sink his/her teeth into this project.

I've mentioned elsewhere that I think you could sweeten the deal by going up to $20/hr from $15. I could probably do it if I was there, but as you said, I'd be wanting much more than $20/hr (likely in the 60-70k salary range). $15/hr is too low for all that you are asking for...

6) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT PROBLEMS THREAD (2009 and after) (Message 8858)
Posted 30 Jan 2010 by Brian Silvers
I hope we will soon find someone who can perform the necessary day to day activities to keep cosmology@Home in good working order.

Best regards,
Ben Wandelt

Anyone interested in a new job (link is PDF)?

That job has been vacant for around 8-9 months now. That current ad, complete with a keyboard mishap at the very top which is glaringly obvious, has been up for almost 4 months. They are not wanting to pay the money that a job like that should be paid, even if it is for "a college student" to do. I know of several places where entry-level interns with minimal programming skill requirements were paid $15/hr. Pay needs to be more around $20/hr instead of $15. Flipping burgers generally is 8-9, maybe even 10. General customer service call center work is probably 8-11, and if technical, 10-14, for just answering phone calls.
7) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT PROBLEMS THREAD (2009 and after) (Message 8855)
Posted 29 Jan 2010 by Brian Silvers
As there's still no answer in the thread, here's just a friendly reminder in case only this thread is monitored by the admins:

There are no "admins" here anymore. The project is on auto-pilot. Unless there's a crash of the server or a failure of one of the daemons, your 15-hour no response to the other thread will pale in comparison to the length of time you'll actually spend waiting on an answer...

The cost of electricity has gone up 15% where I live, so I am likely going to be stepping out of BOINC completely in the near future. Due to the excessive memory utilization (and thus higher power consumption), even if I were to remain active in BOINC, this project can't be run on my Intel system (slows the system down too much), and it significantly impacts the performance of my AMD system as well.

Best of luck with the wait...
8) Forums : Technical Support : Why am I not recieving new work? (Message 8850)
Posted 25 Jan 2010 by Brian Silvers
I have the inactivity time out period set to .10 seconds. I can't have the processor crunching while I'm trying to use the system. Reading the screen, Yes. Using the mouse or kb, No.


The thread priority for the science applications is LOW. This means that it WILL YIELD to your activity anyway. The "slowdown" that you are likely seeing is that this project is EXTREMELY RAM INTENSIVE, and fiddling with that setting, while "ok" for other projects, could be exacerbating the problems you are having with this project because it could be forcing you to start over from a checkpoint that may have happened a significant amount of time earlier. There is no reason why your Core2 Extreme system should take as long as it does to process tasks, other than something like what I mentioned.

This project requires dedicated processor time with minimal pauses / restarts due to infrequent checkpointing. If you're wanting to micromanage your system to this degree, for whatever reason, even if said reason is perfectly valid, my honest opinion is that this project is not for you.
9) Forums : General Topics : 6000 new users in 1 day... (Message 8844)
Posted 23 Jan 2010 by Brian Silvers
Here's the deal:

All of the times in the past that a script like this was run, the script messed things up...

I warned Anshul of this very thing... No "free" credit should've been awarded. Instead, problems that exist need to be fixed.

This wasn't an intentional thing, but just another mishap in a long line of mishaps...


Nice necro...
10) Forums : Technical Support : Why am I not recieving new work? (Message 8836)
Posted 18 Jan 2010 by Brian Silvers

18-Jan-2010 11:43:19 [Cosmology@Home] Sending scheduler request: To report completed tasks.
18-Jan-2010 11:43:19 [Cosmology@Home] Reporting 2 completed tasks, not requesting new tasks
18-Jan-2010 11:43:25 [Cosmology@Home] Scheduler request completed
18-Jan-2010 11:45:52 [---] Suspending computation - user is active

That last line is what's causing you problems. You need to go to your Computing Preferences and change:

Suspend work while computer is in use?

...from Yes, to No.
11) Forums : Technical Support : Why am I not recieving new work? (Message 8828)
Posted 18 Jan 2010 by Brian Silvers
I had a look at `your account` on the tasks in progress page and you seem to have eight tasks allocated to you at the moment,
so i dont know what is going wrong that you can not see them or crunch them.

My guess is either they got upset over the 8 hours of time for an error and then did a Reset Project, leaving those tasks stranded (will become download errors for the rest of us), or there was a hard drive and/or BOINC hiccup and the tasks got dissasociated... Either way, the server thinks that the client has work, and it is nearing deadline, so the project is likely refusing to send work.

Best thing to do is look at stdoutdae.txt in the BOINC program directory for the timeframe in question...
12) Forums : General Topics : Why do you participate in Cosmology@Home? Who is the \"most surprising\" participant? (Message 8805)
Posted 1 Jan 2010 by Brian Silvers

Having said that, if you read this Ben, Brian Silvers does a sterling job answering queries on this board, so perhaps you could make him a moderator?

Appreciate the kind words, but I think someone else would be a far better choice, not to mention that there is still a mod around, though I think he's mostly silent these days...

13) Forums : Technical Support : Editing profile (Message 8752)
Posted 2 Dec 2009 by Brian Silvers

Also, a change of webite colors woud be nice, The black, white and pink is getting old.

At one time they had the old site up ("testsite"), but now it just has a whole bunch of broken PHP stuff in skruger2's directory tree (hard-coded path)...

Basically, with this project, you do the tasks and that's about it. Functioning options are...well, optional.

As I said elsewhere on here, things are not likely to change anytime soon, especially with them only wanting to pay someone part-time and only at $15/hr...

The real question is, is this project needed after the Planck mission is over? The mission end date is sometime in 2011, unless the craft has been able to orbit the L2 efficiently, so there's really only 1-2 years of life left in the actual mission... At the glacial rate of progress here, the craft could become derelict before you see non-scientific changes to this project...based on past performance.
14) Forums : Technical Support : Editing profile (Message 8745)
Posted 27 Nov 2009 by Brian Silvers
I am unable to upload my profile pic. It gives me a 'create image file' error. My pic is the same one I use in other projects. Also I cant update my message board preferences. Please fix!

This issue has been around since the server crash in Feb/Mar 2009. It has been covered in various topics on the forum. The project seems to not read the forum much these days, or does not have anyone who is capable of addressing the "minor" problems, where "minor" means things that keep volunteers slightly happy. Only catastrophic issues are addressed, and even then they take a while.

In other words, don't expect this to be fixed anytime soon... If you're in this for your profile or preferences and not the science, you may be disappointed.
15) Forums : Technical Support : Total Credit is not updated (Message 8730)
Posted 21 Nov 2009 by Brian Silvers
Hi all,

I have noticed the Transitioner is working again, and all my pending tasks have been awarded credit.
The Total Credit as shown on the 'Your Account' page however, is still not updated.
I guess I will just have to wait.


Personally, if there was a db corruption, what you are experiencing are signs of that. The Transitioner hiccup was probably not...

That said though, I applaud you for having continued to process. You probably won't get any progress by posting on the message boards though. I suggest you email or call Ben personally. You can get that info by clicking on the Ben Wandelt tab along the top, then People, and then Ben Wandelt.
16) Forums : General Topics : Credits (Message 8726)
Posted 19 Nov 2009 by Brian Silvers
Cosmology was showing a much higher memory size allocation for it's thread (via inspection in Task Manager), then other projects. I'm talking over 100 MB.

You really haven't processed anything here for a while if you think 100 MB is a lot of memory consumption. The current process in Task Manager shows the following:

Mem Usage - 325,784 K
VM Size - 325,776 K

That amount could double or triple over the runtime of the task, so just this one task could take up to 900 MB... The process may be on low priority, and the process will yield to CPU requests, but it doesn't give the RAM back, so this is more than just "idle cycles" being consumed... They really need to get the memory consumption under control.
17) Forums : Announcements : Changes to Cosmology@Home (Message 8711)
Posted 17 Nov 2009 by Brian Silvers
12.11.2009 07:41:08|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: (Project has no jobs available)

something going on?

Perhaps having no work is their solution to the memory requirement problem.

I dunno, but after more than a week, it has to be said:

It's just the transitioner.

I don't understand why it takes a week to sort out an issue with a software daemon, other than perhaps that they have nobody around to look at the software...

Suggestion for Ben, if he is even reading:

Try a reboot. If it is a Linux or Unix box, open a Terminal window and type:

# /sbin/shutdown -r

If there is a GUI equivalent, use it if you are not familiar with the command line.

Either way, you'll need root authority, so someone there should have the root password. If not, then you'll need to worry about that I suppose...

18) Forums : General Topics : No Work Available? Is this project active? (Message 8706)
Posted 16 Nov 2009 by Brian Silvers
I just joined this project, and have only received messages that no work is available. Should I detach and move on to another project?

You have attached at a bad time. A week ago the project experienced a problem with a component of the BOINC server-side software. This component handles telling the work generator that new work is needed as well as marks completed work as needing to be resent or validated. Since the component (the Transitioner) is down, until such time as the project corrects the problem (I'm wondering if a simple reboot wouldn't fix it), then no work will be generated and no work will be validated...

You could stay attached here and BOINC will automatically poll the project and if there are tasks available, it will attempt to download them...
19) Forums : Technical Support : Pending credits (Message 8705)
Posted 16 Nov 2009 by Brian Silvers
Hi all, one question, is any problem with pending credits? For 4 days no change. Some technical problems with validator? Thanks JHapa

It's the problem with the Transitioner being down. The Transitioner handles marking the task as needing validation. Since that flag has not been set because the Transitioner is down, the Validator doesn't know to validate it.
20) Forums : Technical Support : 10 nov 09 No jobs available (Message 8690)
Posted 10 Nov 2009 by Brian Silvers
Well the title says it all,
as of 10-11-09 15:58 GMT for me here in uk.
looks like we have run out of work,
and the transitioner is down,
and who knows who may be there to fix it.

edit - Dose anyone know where the `panic` button is,
if so give it a good hard thump . . . .

Well, looks like both of my systems will be taking an indefinite break, as Milkyway went down today as well... I wonder how long it will take to correct the problem here though....

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