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Posted 6 Aug 2008 by Altivo
I am using Ubuntu 64 bit os ver # 8.04 on a AMD 64 bit athalon,3200.

Ah, that explains it. 64 bit is completely different. I wonder if they are passing out the 64 bit application code to 32 bit machines? That would certainly explain the segmentation errors. I swear, the sudden bumbling ineptitude of this project team knows no bounds. It is exceeded only by their constant failure to communicate the truth about what is going on.
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Posted 5 Aug 2008 by Altivo
So far so good 2.15 seems to working properly on my linux box. A few of the wu\'s I have crunched have already been awarded credit. As brian pointed out it looks like the 0 credit WU\'s from 2.14 are clearing cue before the 0 credit issue can be dealt with. I can\'t remember which project it was but I do recall having some problems with credit ,and having the project award partial credit for lost time to it\'s participants hopefully this will be the case here as well(just an Idea meet us half way).

APoch, what Linux distribution are you using, and what is your CPU? I\'m beginning to suspect pretty strongly that this project doesn\'t know how to code and test a distribution-neutral Linux application. They must be assuming specific library and file structures that are not the same everywhere, as often happens with stuff developed and tested exclusively on RedHat products. That\'s the only way I can understand how you could be getting 2.15 units to run, while others of us crash with instant segmentation errors the minute the app starts.

In other words, they might be using dynamic calls to a library name that isn\'t the same in all distributions, just as an example. That will get a SIGSEGV in some but work in others. Such calls should be static linked or else check for the library name before trying to use it.
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Posted 2 Aug 2008 by Altivo
So after a week of failed downloads for version 2.14, I was startled this morning when I saw CAMB 2.15 being downloaded by a Linux x86 machine. Since the home page claims that Linux app problems have been \"fixed\" but gives no details, I had hope. It downloaded successfully.

But, when it started to run it failed in 1 second with \"received signal 11\" which is a segmentation fault or memory reference error. Normally this is a sign of application coding errors such as missing address references or uninitialized pointers. So much for testing, eh?
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Posted 31 Jul 2008 by Altivo

After your post Avatar1966, I noticed that I had a few CAMB 2.14 WU\'s download, so I checked my CAMD 2.14 file under boinc/projects and also found it to be of 0 kB in size.
My CAMB 2.13 file is 3.2 MB in size so a problem it seems.

Yup. This has been reported over and over again, but no one on the project admin team seems to be doing anything about it. The lack of communication is truly disappointing. They could at least say \"OK, we know about this and are trying to fix it\" but instead, nothing.

Shows how much they appreciate volunteer efforts.
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Posted 31 Jul 2008 by Altivo
In the Projects tab highlight Cosmology@Home and then push the Reset Project button on the left pane.

Nope. That doesn\'t do anything helpful. It still downloads an application with a length of zero. I\'ve restarted, reset, deleted the application, and even detached and reattached, with the same results every time. Others are complaining about the same thing, and yet no one seems to care.

Apparently only Linux x86 platforms are affected. 2.13 had the same difficulty for a while and then it got fixed (though the WUs still kept failing.) Now 2.14 has it and has had it for a week, but it just stays the same.
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Posted 29 Jul 2008 by Altivo
Is there a place to manually download the application and install it? Every WU since 2.13 started has failed here the instant it started. With 2.14, I see that the CAMB application file has a length of zero. Obviously it didn\'t download correctly, so I erased it. It was downloaded again with the next WU but came up with zero length again. After several repeats of this on several machines, I conclude that something is seriously wrong yet nothing is being done to address it. If I could get a clean download of the application, it might run, but no application with a length of zero can be executable.

My best guess is that the server is timing out and breaking the connection too soon rather than letting the download proceed to its end.
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Posted 28 Jul 2008 by Altivo

Going from a high paying project to paying less per hour than seti standard app is pretty profound..

Looks like Cosmology has gone to a zero-paying project here. All 2.13 units failed instantly on startup, and 2.14 units are now doing the same thing. I can only conclude that the Linux version of the application doesn\'t really get tested before putting it in the field.
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Posted 28 Jul 2008 by Altivo
Yup. All 2.13 units failed here as soon as they started execution. Now 2.14 units are doing the same thing. Instant failure. Evidently the Linux application doesn\'t get adequate testing.
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Posted 26 Jul 2008 by Altivo
You can cancel the 2.13s, they\'re no good because of a bug. New work will bring version 2.14, which works just fine so far. But is also good for a lot less credit [per hour], in case you care about that.

According to the application list, there is no 2.14 for Linux. This is starting to look pretty ridiculous. If all 2.13 work units are no good, why can\'t the admins just take them all out of the database instead of wasting so much time on letting them all fail?
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Posted 25 Jul 2008 by Altivo
Well, this seems like something to worry about: I finally started getting work for 2.13 and so far about a dozen units have all failed with \"client error\". Not a one has completed successfully. That\'s on three different machines, P3 and P4, all Linux.

Not to worry, it\'s the message I have grown used to on Windows as well. I haven\'t seen any 2.13s or 2.14s, only the ever repeated and dreaded...

23-Jul-08 13:17:31|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: No work sent


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Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Altivo
Q6600 on Vista x64 here. In one of the slots\\ dir\'s, I can see a camb_2.13_windows_intelx86.exe which is about 1kb large. Perhaps that\'s the issue?

Possibly. Is anybody having problems with the linux versions?

I can\'t get the Linux versions to download/install at all. Reset or deleting files makes no difference, just endless \"No work from project\" messages. 2.12 was working, but since the switch to 2.13 all my Linux hosts are dead to this project, regardless of CPU class, speed, or memory.
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Posted 22 Jul 2008 by Altivo
I\'m not getting any new work either, for at least three or four days. It\'s always \"no work from project\" even when there are thousands of units supposedly waiting for distribution. I\'m running Linux on Intel P4 CPUs at 2.4 to 2.8 GHz, which should be adequate to receive work if people with P3s running Windows 98 are getting it. Some parameter is definitely set incorrectly here.

I\'ve tried resetting the project, and I notice that all it downloads are graphics. No actual application seems to be downloaded.
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Posted 25 Mar 2008 by Altivo
Thanks, I did that and we shall see if the error goes away next time results are reported.

14) Forums : Technical Support : Invalid account key? (Message 5447)
Posted 24 Mar 2008 by Altivo
On a machine that has been crunching Cosmology units for weeks, I\'m suddenly seeing this message:

Mon 24 Mar 2008 09:41:43 AM CDT|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: Invalid or missing account key. Visit this project\'s web site to get an account key.

How did I \"lose\" an account key, and how do I get it back? The only thing I see here is a \"cross-project identifier.\"

Perhaps related: When I go to BOINCstats BAM to try to attach another machine to Cosmology, I get the message there, \"Incorrect password.\" This in spite of the fact that I had the first machine attached for many weeks.