1) Forums : Technical Support : \"Out of work\" and \"homogeneous redundancy\" - revisited (Message 7122)
Posted 25 Aug 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
It is obvious from the continuous flow of \"out of work\" and \"no work for platform\" complaints, that the current way of distributing work is a constant source of irritation for many participants. Now that more personnel will become available, I think the project management should reconsider the usage of the \"homogeneous reduncancy\" mechanism, which afaik is at the basis of this problem. It can be tweaked a little, but it is becoming more and more obvious that this will never lead to a stable balance between machines of all platforms. I see these alternatives, maybe there are others:
- Use a quorum of 1 (or in other words, let a work unit be handled by only 1 participant). In that case some sort of sanity check on returned results may have to be implemented.
- Use a floating point library that ensures that the application returns the same result no matter what platform it runs on. Drawback is a possible loss of performance, which might be compensated by increased effort by happy participants :D
2) Forums : General Topics : SETI USA recruiting by PM (Message 6414)
Posted 3 Jul 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
I have read all of the rules and find nothing that states it is not approved.

The thread by Scott Forum Rules and Guidelines clearly states:

- Don\'t send PMs asking users to join a team. This will be considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly
3) Forums : Announcements : Test site for new design (Message 6365)
Posted 19 Jun 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
Now that the point is made, I suggest we go back to the regular way of posting, using the default text color.
4) Forums : Announcements : Test site for new design (Message 6349)
Posted 18 Jun 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
I like the \"concept of the week\" idea. Makes us (well, at least me :p) learn something new every week. I hope you can keep up the weekly rate.
5) Forums : Announcements : Test site for new design (Message 6332)
Posted 17 Jun 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
Overall the site looks great. I like the colour scheme.

A few remarks:
- The font used on the home page for the \"how to join, your account, message boards and goodies\" links is really tiny. So is the text of the concept of the week. I use IE7 with text size \"medium\". Changing text size to larger or largest does not help
- There is a nasty interference in the form for making a message board post between the right vertical white line and the rest of the form.

EDIT: Additional remark:
- The icons that indicate new posts are not very easy to distinguish. We\'re so used to yellow icons for new posts on most Boinc forums. Maybe best to stick with that?
6) Forums : General Topics : Milestones (Message 6315)
Posted 13 Jun 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
Phew. I finally made it as well. My first ever 500k project! Now up to the magic 1M...
7) Forums : Wish list : Some website issues (Message 6299)
Posted 9 Jun 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
Meanwhile the profile pages are fixed, although they don\'t seem to use the same stylesheet as the other pages.

Following pages are broken for the moment:
- Ben Wandelt\'s Welcome Letter
- New: Download C@H Desktop Backgrounds!

Both give the same error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function init_session() in /home/boincadm/projects/cosmohome/html/user/wandelt_letter.php on line 6
8) Forums : Technical Support : WU Quota - how is it calculated? (Message 6291)
Posted 5 Jun 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
My concern is that I have idle time due to maxing out the workload/day limit...

With 200 WU per day per CPU (or core, because Boinc doesn\'t see the difference) you would have to get very unlucky to run idle by exceeding the daily limit. Theoretically it\'s possible, because some work units take only about 5-10 minutes. But the average is much higher than that. I said unlucky, but in fact you would be lucky. 200x50 = 10000 credits per day per core. And time to spare for another project :D
9) Forums : Wish list : Team Forums (Message 6194)
Posted 15 May 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
In its current form I see the team forums\' purpose mainly for basic communication with new team members. When they visit the project forum they are bound to see that there is a subforum specific for their team. I use it to point them to my team\'s own website and forum, because it has happened before that members only found our after a year that we had our own site.

Nevertheless I realize that not every team has the possibility to setup its own forum. For such teams the projects\' team forums can be helpful, although communication will be scattered over the forums of several projects then. And of course when the project goes down or is ended the forum goes down with the ship as well.
10) Forums : Wish list : Team Forums (Message 6191)
Posted 14 May 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
The privacy of these team forums is very limited of course. I have a friend from another team (hi there, you know who you are :p) who in a new project hopped from team to team just to be able to say hi in the team forums. Nothing against that.
11) Forums : Wish list : OSX (Message 6000)
Posted 25 Apr 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
I\'ve written a howto for using the Windows BOINC client and a Windows science application within CrossOver on MacOS Intel without any great loss of performance. The tests at LHC shows, that is work with aceptable performance, but not as fast as a native application.
The howto is avialable at www.dotsch.de/boinc under the BOINC howto section.

Primarly it works with the Cosmology Application, except the CPU time measuring. Is this relevant ? - Am I right that the project uses fixed credits, and it is not neccesary, that the CPU time would be reported with 0 % ?

Yes, the project uses fixed credit. CPU time and benchmarks play no role. The 0% part of your question I don\'t understand. Best give it a try.
12) Forums : Technical Support : \"You used the wrong URL\" message (Message 5925)
Posted 13 Apr 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
[edit] Bit weird the forum is still at the www-less URL. Or did I miss something?

Most of the links in the Boinc webpages are relative. So if you come to the homepage through cosmologyathome.com, then the forum link will be cosmologyathome.com/forum_index.php. If you used www.cosmologyathome.com, then the forum link will be www.cosmologyathome.com/forum_index.php
13) Forums : General Topics : Top Computers Stats (Message 5891)
Posted 8 Apr 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
xPOD, you can also monitor your hosts on statistics sites like that of Boinc Synergy. These are your hosts: http://www.boincsynergy.com/stats/boinc-stats.php?id=7457&project=cos

Ok, stats sites numbers are less recent than those on the project site, but only by a day at most.
14) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Discussion Thread (Message 5878)
Posted 8 Apr 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
I made some changes to the database which I think should do some good. Only time will tell though...

If you guys notice that the site is faster over the next couple of hours, please say so.

Some 6 hours after your action. The site seems faster at times, but it still has slow periods.
15) Forums : Wish list : Some website issues (Message 5313)
Posted 18 Mar 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
1. The alphabetical profile list pages are broken. See http://www.cosmologyathome.org/user_profile/profile_A_1.html

2. Update the list of possible team types. The recent list of possibilities, like found in Seti, includes:
- None
- Primary school
- Secondary school
- Junior college
- University or department
- Government agency
- Non-profit organization
- National
- Local/regional
- Computer type
- Social/political/religious
16) Forums : Wish list : Participant Profile (Message 5182)
Posted 12 Mar 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
for some reason, there seems to be an error in finding my account as a participant...

no account

any thoughts ?

The search function looks inside the profile text. It does not look for participant names. As an example, try and look for the word \"medieval\"

This said, the alphabetical profile overview pages give errors. See for example http://www.cosmologyathome.org/user_profile/profile_A_1.html
17) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Thread (Message 5148)
Posted 10 Mar 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
V2.09 has issues on my machine which runs the above processor as you can see it keeps restarting the same wu, see below:


09/03/2008 20:08:04|Cosmology@Home|Restarting task wu_030608_211605_2_1 using camb version 209

I have suppended the above wu for the moment and set the project to not recieve any more wus until a bug fix is issued.

Maybe best to abort the 2.09 WU and see if 2.11 solves the problem for you.
18) Forums : General Topics : Low spec crunching boxes (Message 5142)
Posted 10 Mar 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
My lowest spec machine is this one: http://cosmologyathome.org/show_host_detail.php?hostid=132. A Pentium III 800 with a whopping 128MB RAM. It runs the Cosmology work units if needed, but when it needs to switch with other projects the machine spends a lot of time thrashing. I have \"Leave applications in memory while suspended\" set to Yes to avoid losing fragments of work between checkpoints.

@ashj: Is it necessary to log off?
19) Forums : General Topics : Milestones (Message 5141)
Posted 10 Mar 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
I\'m just about to pass 5 000 cobblestones. I\'ll catch you all up eventually. :-D

And congratulations to everyone‼

Congratz on the 5000 cobbles. And good luck catching the rest of us ;)
20) Forums : Technical Support : Is this normal? (Message 5016)
Posted 29 Feb 2008 by Profile [BAT] tutta55
Hi! I wanted to show my support by downloading the BOINC client and donating some CPU time.

After subscribing to Cosmology@Home, the client started work on two CAMB applications.

Right now it has clocked over 10 hours of CPU usage and both the files are still at 1.4% [around 15 hours to completion each]. This looks worrying.

Is there something that I am doing wrongly or is this normal?

Any tips perhaps?

PS: I run a slow processor [Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz]. Is that the problem?

Could you be experiencing the same as discussed in this thread?

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