1) Forums : Technical Support : URGENT Problems Discussion Thread (Message 5704)
Posted 3 Apr 2008 by Buster Gunn
I guess making sure the daemon\'s were actually running correctly was not part of the deal. The validator finished it\'s cleanup 18 hours ago and the deleters should have finished long before now, but they are not running. Those number haven\'t changed in those same 18 hours.

Come on folks, at least look in every 12 hours to make sure things are running. Aside from the science, this project has dropped in ratings to the bottom. Time for me to move on.

2) Forums : Technical Support : Server Issues??? (Message 5510)
Posted 27 Mar 2008 by Buster Gunn
This is what happened over at Prime Grid when a backlog occured.

This is Rytis\' explanation.

Validator/assimilator/dbpurge are actually scripts and not standard BOINC server daemons. They are started every so often by a cron job.

Something that causes a heavy load on the server, causes the validator not to finish running in the designated time. Because there is no protection from running multiple copies at once, a new copy is started, slowing down the first copy and itself. Because of that, it did not finish in the designated time again, and one more copy was launched. The things started cascading.

The sysmtoms look eerily similar to whats going on here. Lack of connections and accessess to the DB off the chart.
3) Forums : Technical Support : there was work but it was committed to other platforms (Message 5507)
Posted 27 Mar 2008 by Buster Gunn
My question is why we even get that message. Cosmo is a fixed credit project, so why even care what platform runs the w/u. We get the same credit no matter what configuration runs it. If there are w/u\'s out there to send, just send them.
4) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 2.12 - same problem (Message 5294)
Posted 17 Mar 2008 by Buster Gunn
I\'ve had to detach from CAH. The problem is gaining strength on my quads. It has gone from once every 30 w/u\'s to once every 4 w/u\'s. It\'s happening on all mahines, one of which I detached and reloaded within the last day. Looks like it has something to do with the end of a W/U and opening the output files.
5) Forums : Technical Support : CAMB 2.12 - same problem (Message 5285)
Posted 16 Mar 2008 by Buster Gunn
Same here. \"zero status but no finished file\". Happening more often it seems.
Just had to abort 4 w/u\'s.