1) Forums : General Topics : Why do you participate in Cosmology@Home? Who is the \"most surprising\" participant? (Message 21514)
Posted 11 Sep 2017 by 1382gy
As a kid, I remember reading all sorts of books on futurism, particle physics, astrophysics, etc and found it all really impressive. So I wanted to be a physicist and develop basic science into stunning new technologies. I pretty much fit the stereotype.

In the real world, it turns out that I'm not mathematically or research-inclined. Too bad. So instead, I'm fulfilling that by running some astronomy and physics-related projects, giving to some science nonprofits and participating in Zooniverse projects. So I'm making a contribution to science after all!
2) Forums : Technical Support : No credits listed (Message 8723)
Posted 19 Nov 2009 by 1382gy
I've been running the Cosmology project since late October and my credits are still listed at zero. My SETI credits, however, are accumulating normally.