1) Forums : Technical Support : 2.12 Errors (Message 5372)
Posted 21 Mar 2008 by Profile Inais
I am not sure if this is the correct tread but I have to report this:

I am confused - this morning when I check my PC I found this message at the Boinc Manager:

21.03.2008 07:41:21|Cosmology@Home|Sending scheduler request: To report completed tasks. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 1 completed tasks
21.03.2008 07:41:26|Cosmology@Home|Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks
21.03.2008 07:41:26|Cosmology@Home|Message from server: Completed result wu_030908_200330_0_0 refused: this result wasn\'t sent (not needed)

Also I read the announcement to update the Boinc but........ the info was to short in time to react on it. So I lost the complete credit on my WU and this is not the first time.

I am a little bit angree about this. Sorry.

Suggestion - maybe you can make announcement by date and time - for me it comes over night and I had no chance to react.
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Posted 24 Jun 2007 by Profile Inais
Hi - here I am - this is my first time to write in this forum - I like the project.