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Posted 4 Nov 2008 by bill brandt-gasuen
Is anyone experiencing difficulties in downloading complete work units? In the past 48 hrs I have had numerous instances where a work unit starts to download fine but comes to a screeching halt, generally around 19.06%. The download manager then goes into an endless series of attempts to restart but only succeeds in extending the time period before the next attempt. I would estimate I have aborted 50-100 such units, some of which have been trying to download for 8 hrs and more. It is definitely not a hardware or network problem, I work on 23 different projects and the problem does not seem evident on any others.

As an example I cite this from the message log:
11/3/2008 10:22:10 PM|Cosmology@Home|Temporarily failed download of params_102208_152116_0.ini: HTTP error. I presently have one wu in progress with an additional 6 ready to start.